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Xiom Belag Vega Euro

  • Xiom Belag Vega Euro

Quick Overview

Many players search for the perfect compromise between speed, and control. The Xiom Vega Europe table tennis rubber was developed according to this principle! This is reflected in the following main properties:

  • 42.5° sponge

  • large sweet spot, forgives small mistakes

  • much spin, good control

  • slightly prolonged ball contact time, hence, OFF-/ALL+ (not OFF)

  • especially developed for the European market

Xiom Vega Europe - A perfectly balanced Off minus rubber

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Xiom Vega Europe - Bestseller for All+/Off-

Xiom Vega Euro -A TT rubber for the upper beginner area. This area corresponds to all players who are still searching for an ideal technique, who need support by medium-soft rubbers during the active forward-oriented game, or who like the soft feeling! The speed characteristic of the Vega Europe table tennis rubber is medium. Hence, this rubber is not too fast, but also not too slow. For this reason, the Europe is very suitable for ambitious youth players, but also for adults who prefer a forward-oriented game whilst simultaneously relying on much control for every single stroke they do.

Compared to highly soft tensors, the catapult effect of this rubber is also medium. The main advantage of the Xiom Vega Europe is its good control whilst still exhibiting sufficient speed. This is very important for becoming very active yourself. The trajectory of balls is neither really high, nor really flat. This characteristic significantly corresponds to the sponge hardness: This rubber does not forgive all mistakes, but some. It provides good control. Another huge advantage of this TT rubber are openers. Spinny, long, and safe topspins are real fun! Furthermore, blocks are very easy to play. This is because the catapult effect, and the delayed feedback (due to a deeper penetration of the ball into the rubber) induce a little bonus. There are, however, small deficits considering hard strokes. These are easier, and more effective using the Xiom Vega Pro.

Going back to positive aspects, the Xiom Vega Euro behaves in a very controlled manner when receiving serves. At the same time, this table tennis rubber has much potential for flips. In general, the Vega Europe provides many possibilities to further develop certain techniques, and to correct easy mistakes. Although this rubber does not do this by itself, the Europe offers all necessary properties so that the ball does not "go off the rails" as soon as you do small mistakes.

Xiom Vega Euro - The alternatives

If you are searching for a table tennis rubber for the gaming system controlled offensive, you will be very happy with the Xiom Vega Europe. However, Xiom Vega rubbers also cover other (offensive) gaming styles. Starting from the Elite rubber, which is the slowest and most controllable, to the Asia (extremely hard sponge for the uncompromising offensive). TT-SHOP.COM particularly recommends the Xiom Vega Pro which is our bestseller, and which has a very broad area of application.

Xiom Vega rubbers for uncompromising attackers:

  • Xiom Vega Asia: A table tennis rubber for uncompromising attackers who rely on very hard, direct, and penetrating rubbers. Hint: A high training workload is necessary in order to be able to control this rubber.
  • Xiom Vega Asia DF: This TT rubber exhibits a similar sponge hardness, but a softer topsheet compared to the Vega Asia. The area of application of the Asia DF is very variable. Note that this rubber still exhibits much penetrating power!
Xiom Vega rubbers for topspin players

  • Xiom Vega Pro: This rubber is made for topspin players who intensively use their arms preferring hard, direct rubbers with maximum spin development. BESTSELLER & an explicit recommendation from TT-SHOP.COM.
  • Xiom Vega Japan: A table tennis rubber for variable topspin players who often use soft preparing strokes, but also hard finishers.
Xiom Vega rubbers for the controlled offensive

  • Xiom Vega Europe: This rubber is intended for controlled attackers who rely on a good feedback of the ball, and sufficient dynamics in order to always be able to take the initiative following safe topspins / blocks.
  • Xiom Vega Euro DF: In contrast to the Vega Asia DF, the DF version of the Vega Europe exhibits a slightly increased speed! In case you like the Vega Europe, but prefer a bit more power (whilst the other properties are the same), you should try this rubber.
  • Xiom Vega Elite: This rubber "forgives" errors and mistakes, and behaves in a very pleasant, safe way. Furthermore, the Vega Elite provides sufficient dynamics when playing controlled attacking strokes.

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