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• Table tennis bat configurator - Compile your own TT bat

The development as well as the purchase behavior of a table tennis player commonly take place in 4 steps. Hence, the material used (blades, rubbers, ...) will always be adjusted according to the current, but also steadily increasing, gaming level. The table tennis bat configurator is only necessary in the last, the fourth step. This step corresponds to the stage when a club player is searching for his/her individual, best fitting material. Prior to this, a player usually goes through the following steps in his/her career.

Table tennis bats - Our recommendation for beginners, and/or when entering a club

Step 1: The hobby area For hobby or recreational purposes, a simple hobby racket ranging from 10 to 30 Euro is usually sufficient. Such rackets are suitable for schools, garden parties, or when playing table tennis in the garage. A selection of our best-seller bats for the hobby / recreation area can be found HERE. Step 2: Entering a table tennis club Once you got the "table tennis fever", you will probably search and find a table tennis club nearby. The first thing one usually gets told is that a simple run-of-the-mill bat won´t work. The reason: The quality of a professional table tennis bat is way better, and superior. Such bats exhibit more grip, and an improved jump behavior. Regarding professional table tennis rackets, the rubbers are usually purchased individually, and glued using a special table tennis glue. This special glue makes it possible to remove the rubbers when they are losing grip. Hence, one can keep the blade, and easily add new individual rubbers. When entering a table tennis club, TT-SHOP.COM recommends the following: Regarding table tennis rackets, the feeling for the ball is paramount. Based on a safe ball feedback of the racket, all techniques can be acquired, and refined. Step 3: Participating league games, and competitions Of course, the attraction of league games and competitions goes hand in hand with the wish to use the best possible material. After some time of training you will notice what techniques you master better, or worse. Hence, a further development of your equipment makes sense. For the "comfortable" customer, who likes to trust the specialist retailer, the TT-SHOP.COM team compiled a table tennis bat according to brand, and gaming style. This bat is suitable for the following gaming styles (exemplary brand: Donic): The suggested products above are suitable for a large number of players, regardless of the league. The recommended products are usually in stock, and are significantly reduced! The reason for this is because we often sale these products. Hence, we can purchase larger quantities at lower prices, and we are happy to be able to transfer this discount toward our customers!

Step 4: Compile your table tennis bat by yourself

Who likes to read shall also get to know ALL TABLE TENNIS RUBBERS and ALL TABLE TENNIS BLADES of the most popular and common brands. Then, you can decide for yourself how your bat will be compiled. This is done using our table tennis bat configurator. In case you think about compiling your individual table tennis racket according to your own strengths, you probably dig through many huge catalogues, or search through the web for hours. The only aim is to find the equipment which fits you most, bringing maximum success. There are more than 50 table tennis brands. Considering that each brand is trying to convince you with 30 to 50 blades and rubbers, you will notice pretty soon that - without any organization or structure - it is extremely hard to find the appropriate material in the jungle of table tennis products. TT-SHOP.COM wants to help you by making your search easier!

This is how the table tennis bat configurator works

The basis of each racket is the blade. The table tennis blade is the soul of the table tennis racket. Therefore, choosing the right blade is extremely important. The following link contains all blades, sorted by brands: The table tennis blades of each brand are listed in an extra category. When opening the "keep reading" tag within a category, you will find a table containing all manufacturer specifications such as speed, control, weight, and price. In order to reach the corresponding product, just click the green product name (green font). There, you will find the following options which can be clicked (for each blade):
  • "Mount ordered rubbers"
  • "Red for forehand, black for backhand", or:
  • "Black for forehand, red for backhand"
If nothing is clicked, the blade will be delivered separately, and the rubbers must be mounted by e.g. yourself. Choosing the table tennis rubbers follows the same principle. In the description of the category "table tennis rubbers" you can find further links to summary tables containing all table tennis rubbers (sorted by brands). An example: If you choose a table tennis blade plus two table tennis rubbers, and if you then click "mount ordered rubbers", you will be able to individually compile your own racket. The table tennis racket configurator is operated by yourself! Simply add your desired products (including the information whether or not these shall be mounted) to the shopping cart - that´s it!

Hint for smart spenders

The above mentioned branded rackets (according to gaming style) are significantly reduced. We would like to explain this based on Donic. The recommendation for the gaming type offensive spin (intended for attackers who build up their game based on much spin) is: Donic Waldner Bluefire Spin. The default setting of this racket contains the Waldner Senso Carbon blade, the Donic Bluefire M2 (forehand), and the Donic Bluefire M3 (backhand). When ordering this racket, you will receive a discount of 25%! Who reads has the advantage: You can combine ALL BLADES FROM THE WALDNER SERIES with ALL RUBBERS FROM THE BLUEFIRE SERIES. This results in a very wide choice of combinations, all at a bargain price! You see, the Donic bat can be configured by yourself. Our experience shows that many players compile their bat in such a way that they are using one rubber on their forehand, and backhand which stems from the same product family. Regarding the blade, people trust on very different brands - for whatever reason(s). In case you want to combine a Stiga blade (market leader in terms of table tennis blades) with a Tibhar rubber (most popular product series of our shop, particularly the Evolution series), the following special offers / savings sets are worth a recommendation:


In case you think about buying a (new) table tennis bat, you might consider the following 3 things:
  • Do I need a new table tennis bat?
  • Would it be sufficient to change the rubbers only?
  • Who is assembling and mounting my TT bat?
No matter what problems you have with your current (or future) bat, we solve them for you!
  • Possibility 1: Buy a new table tennis bat (TT-SHOP.COM assembles and mounts your bat for you, so that you can use it right away!). Please also read the description of our bestseller, the professional table tennis bat, or of our table tennis bat configurator above. There we explain to you how you can compile your individual TT bat for yourself, here in this table tennis shop.
  • Possibility 2: Buy the rubbers and blade individually. For this, please read our description regarding the table tennis mounting/assembly set.
  • Possibility 3: Keep your blade and just buy new rubbers. For this, please read the description of our article called assembly (or montage) of a sent table tennis bat.
The team of TT-SHOP.COM will be happy to answer any further questions you may have:

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