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Company philosophy

Company philosophy of TT-SHOP.COM

Sport is one of the most important factors for a long and healthy life. Including approx. 4 million recreational players and 600.000 club players, table tennis in Germany is not only popular. As the first ball game, it is even included in the health program of the German Olympic Committee (DOSB).

The objective of TT-SHOP.COM: Playing better table tennis

It is our ambitious goal to get more and more people enthusiastic about sports. The motto is: "Playing better table tennis". Table tennis is a kind of sports which one can easily play, even the elderly. The reasons for this are:

  • lots of fun, already when being a beginner
  • llearning is possible at every stage of level, progress is evident quite soon
  • lno physical contact with opponents, therefore, no fouls and less injuries

Even if you already found the proper balance between your everyday life and sports, such as table tennis, you are absolutely right at TT-SHOP.COM! We want:

  • encourage kids and students to movement
  • promote recreational players
  • promote club players

TT SHOP - Table Tennis Online Store

We want to become your personal advisor with respect to table tennis training, current table tennis news and table tennis equipment. Have fun browsing through our web pages.

With sporty regards,

Matthias Bormann
Managing director of the Tikotec UG (limited liability)