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Tibhar Evolution Rubbers

Tibhar Evolution Rubbers

Tibhar Evolution Rubbers

With the Evolution rubbers, Tibhar has introduced a series of rubbers to the market which meet the highest standards and demands of professional table tennis players, and ambitious amateur players. For many players, the Tibhar Evolution rubbers are an adequate replacement for the top dog Butterfly Tenergy.

By now, there are six different rubbers available!

The Concept of Tibhar Evolution Rubbers

Basically, the Evolution rubbers can be classified into two categories. The P-Versions correspond to maximum power and dynamics. However, this does not mean that the MX-P, EL-P, and FX-P only exhibit little spin!

The S-versions focus on the development of maximum spin possible. In order to achieve this, the composition of the topsheet was changed. The MX-S, for example, has an individual topsheet, whereas the EL-S and FX-S have the same rubber compound.

Hard, spinny, and fast: Tibhar Evolution MX-P and MX-S

Regarding the gaming behavior, the Tibhar Evolution MX-P is the fastest rubber, and exhibits the highest amount of penetrating power. Its powerful, medium-hard sponge, and its speed-elastic topsheet make this table tennis rubber a real "killer rubber". However, these properties also make this rubber quite prone to errors and mistakes you make during the game. Hence, the Tibhar Evolution MX-P is only recommended for players (of higher leagues) with firmly consolidated techniques.

The Tibhar Evolution MX-S is an alternative to the MX-P. The MX-S is a spinny, hard table tennis rubber which exhibits way less catapult-like effects. Hence, one requires more arm pull, and more physical effort in order to fully activate the performance capacity of the MX-S.

High-Performance Medium Rubbers: Tibhar Evolution EL-S and EL-P

For medium rubbers, the Evolution series offers two models. The predicate "Highest Performance" regarding medium rubbers clearly goes to the Tibhar Evolution EL-S. Although this rubber has a medium sponge, it is a TOP rubber. This is not only because of its overwhelming topspin properties, or its positive properties when playing serves. The control of the ball due to the softer feeling for the game is also one reason. The only slight drawback might occur for attacking players: The EL-S is slightly softer, and may cause somewhat too much of flexibility.

The Tibhar Evolution EL-P exhibits a slightly softer sponge, but a very tense topsheet. Hence, this rubber has much penetrating power, and seems quite uncompromising, and thoroughgoing. This particularly becomes evident when playing close to the table. But also during active blocks, and passive strokes, the EL-P is a good choice.

Spinny and Dynamical Soft Rubbers: Tibhar Evolution FX-S und FX-P

The Evolution FX-S is a medium-fast table tennis rubber with a medium-soft hardness. This rubber is definitely an alternative! The FX-S can easily be compared with other sizes of fast soft rubbers. In particular, the mix between spinny opening topspins, good control, and good dynamics make the FX-S a highly interesting rubber.

The Tibhar Evolution FX-P is softer, and exhibits an increased catapult effect, and dynamics. The FX-P is designed to predominantly score during passive strokes. Still, this rubber also has potential for attacks (although its sponge is relatively soft)!

Find an appropriate Tibhar Evolution rubber now!

Due to the large range of products, it should be unproblematic for you to find your own favored Tibhar Evolution rubber. Of course we are very happy to help you so you can benefit from the gaming advantages of these premium rubbers made by Tibhar.

Tibhar Evolution Rubbers - An Overview

The Tibhar Evolution bestsellers at a glance. Please note the reduced prices for certain bat combinations. These are based on a Tibhar Evolution rubber for your forehand and backhand, respectively.

For one thing you can combine 3 pure Tibhar rackets (control, spin, speed), and 3 table tennis rackets in combination with our Stiga best-selling blades (All+, Off-, Off).

For each of the rackets, there is a pre-setting based on 2 Evolution rubbers. This pre-setting corresponds to the recommendation made by TT-SHOP.COM (for the respective gaming style). This recommendation emerged because of our long-lasting sales experience, and because of our long-lasting employment as table tennis coach.

Are you searching an individual bat? No problem! For all listed bats you can choose several Evolution rubbers available in different sponge thicknesses. You can also choose several blades. All this offers are significantly reduced!

Advice needed regarding Evolution rubbers? This link guides you to our contact form. We are happy to answer your questions!

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