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Xiom Belag Vega Japan

  • Xiom Belag Vega Japan

Quick Overview

The Xiom Vega Japan opens new possibilities for the offensive gaming. The main characteristics of this table tennis rubber are:

  • medium-hard sponge

  • technology made in Germany

  • gaming system: OFF

  • good compromise between speed, and control

  • particularly dangerous when playing close to the table

Xiom Vega Japan - An offensive rubber

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Xiom Vega Japan - A high end rubber which is very popular

Xiom Vega Japan, with this rubber all areas of application are given. The Vega Japan table tennis rubber not only exhibits an overwhelming dynamics in terms of the forward-oriented game, it also is a real ALLROUNDER - hence, also very powerful during the passive game. The basis of all these descriptions is the highly pleasant sponge hardness: 45° which is medium-hard. This lets us conclude that - due to the individual adaptation of the sponge thickness (the thicker, the faster; the thinner, the slower) - all possibilities are available.

Another special feature of the Xiom Vega Japan is its integrated Carbo sponge. This sponge is drenched in black paint, and develops a very special Xiom-momentum which becomes evident during the variable topspin game. Whether close to the table, or from the half distance - the Xiom Vega Japan TT rubber always exhibits a high spin potential, good properties during the passive game, and a good ball feedback during speed-oriented strokes.

What striking techniques work particularly well with the Xiom Vega Japan? First, let us please mention that topspin openers following backspin are very easy to do, and exhibit an enormous spin potential.

Second: Accurately placed, intelligent balls as well as hard topspin finishers can be performed without a significant loss of control. Of course, the Vega Japan does not exhibit as much penetrating power as the Vega Asia, and the Vega Japan has slightly poorer control. But this TT rubber is an ALLROUNDER for the CONTROLLED OFFENSIVE. By the way: The Xiom Vega Japan is extremely popular on the backhand. Why? Its gaming properties, particularly blocks during the passive game, are PERFECT.

Alternatives to the Xiom Vega Japan

The Xiom Vega Japan offers optimal properties for those players who are searching for the best possible compromise between speed, and control. This TT rubber provides much dynamics and momentum for an attacking gaming style, but also the necessary amount of safety in order to passively master a game. Depending on which of the two options the game is shifting to, Xiom Vega rubbers offer all properties that are necessary for successful table tennis rubbers. Xiom Vega rubbers for uncompromising attackers:

  • Xiom Vega Asia: A table tennis rubber for uncompromising attackers who rely on very hard, direct, and penetrating rubbers. Hint: A high training workload is necessary in order to be able to control this rubber.
  • Xiom Vega Asia DF: This TT rubber exhibits a similar sponge hardness, but a softer topsheet compared to the Vega Asia. The area of application of the Asia DF is very variable. Note that this rubber still exhibits much penetrating power!

Xiom Vega rubbers for topspin players

  • Xiom Vega Pro: This rubber is made for topspin players who intensively use their arms preferring hard, direct rubbers with maximum spin development. BESTSELLER & an explicit recommendation from TT-SHOP.COM.
  • Xiom Vega Japan: A table tennis rubber for variable topspin players who often use soft preparing strokes, but also hard finishers.

Xiom Vega rubbers for the controlled offensive

  • Xiom Vega Euro: This rubber is intended for controlled attackers who rely on a good feedback of the ball, and sufficient dynamics in order to always be able to take the initiative following safe topspins / blocks.
  • Xiom Vega Euro DF: In contrast to the Vega Asia DF, the DF version of the Vega Europe exhibits a slightly increased speed! In case you like the Vega Europe, but prefer a bit more power (whilst the other properties are the same), you should try this rubber.
  • Xiom Vega Elite: This rubber "forgives" errors and mistakes, and behaves in a very pleasant, safe way. Furthermore, the Vega Elite provides sufficient dynamics when playing controlled attacking strokes.

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