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Xiom Vega Asia

  • Xiom Vega Asia

Quick Overview

Due to its extremely hard sponge (47.5°), the Xiom Vega Asia meets the needs of top Asian table tennis players.

  • hard, direct touch

  • very catchy and spinny

  • perfect for hard and spinny openers

  • dark, coarse-pored sponge

  • gaming system: Off+

Xiom Vega Asia - Hard sponge for an offensive game

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Xiom Vega Asia - With hard punches to victory

Xiom Vega Asia - when reading this name one probably thinks of catchy, sticky Asian rubbers. The choice of this name of course has its reason because when doing a simple pressure test, this rubber reminds one of Chinese top rubbers (because those are very hard, and highly catchy with lots of grip). The manufacturer provides the information that the sponge hardness is 47.5° which you can really feel.

Furthermore, the Xiom Vega Asia is equipped with a so called Carbo sponge which is easy to recognize because of its black color. Not only the dynamic hard sponge, also the surface (which, by the way, allows for an excellent spin) are indications of for the high quality of this table tennis rubber. A forward-oriented game in all situations is probably the greatest strength of this rubber. The hard sponge support allows incredible dynamics. Hence, even from the half distance, there is always lots of power! Hard shots and close-to-the-table topspins easily develop much speed and penetration power. Hence, they reach a new dimension.

The Xiom Vega Asia is a top rubber, and our concrete recommendation for uncompromising attackers. Get this incredible rubber for little money.

Xiom Vega Asia - Available alternatives

When trusting experiences of many forum members, the Xiom Vega Asia is an insider´s tip for Butterfly lovers who are searching for an alternative to the Tenergy 64 after the conversion of the sales structure. Hardness, gaming dynamics, and catapult effects of this rubber allow this mystery to live on. A big advantage of the Xiom Vega Asia is its small price. This becomes very evident considering that, compared to the Tenergy 64, you still save money even if you use 1 or 2 rubbers more. In case you are still not sure, further product highlights from the Vega series are:

Xiom Vega rubbers for uncompromising attackers:

  • Xiom Vega Asia: A table tennis rubber for uncompromising attackers who rely on very hard, direct, and penetrating rubbers. Hint: A high training workload is necessary in order to be able to control this rubber.
  • Xiom Vega Asia DF: This TT rubber exhibits a similar sponge hardness, but a softer topsheet compared to the Vega Asia. The area of application of the Asia DF is very variable. Note that this rubber still exhibits much penetrating power!
Xiom Vega rubbers for topspin players

  • Xiom Vega Pro: This rubber is made for topspin players who intensively use their arms preferring hard, direct rubbers with maximum spin development. BESTSELLER & an explicit recommendation from TT-SHOP.COM.
  • Xiom Vega Japan: A table tennis rubber for variable topspin players who often use soft preparing strokes, but also hard finishers.
Xiom Vega rubbers for the controlled offensive

  • Xiom Vega Euro: This rubber is intended for controlled attackers who rely on a good feedback of the ball, and sufficient dynamics in order to always be able to take the initiative following safe topspins / blocks.
  • Xiom Vega Euro DF: In contrast to the Vega Asia DF, the DF version of the Vega Europe exhibits a slightly increased speed! In case you like the Vega Europe, but prefer a bit more power (whilst the other properties are the same), you should try this rubber.
  • Xiom Vega Elite: This rubber "forgives" errors and mistakes, and behaves in a very pleasant, safe way. Furthermore, the Vega Elite provides sufficient dynamics when playing controlled attacking strokes.

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