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Donic Vario - Tischtennisbelag

  • Donic Vario - Table Tennis Rubber

Quick Overview

The Donic Vario is a table tennis rubber which can be used universally. This rubber is available in four sponge thicknesses. Therefore, we believe to be able to offer something appropriate for every kind of player:

  • table tennis rubber with many variants

  • suitable from allround to offensive, depending on the sponge thickness you choose

  • catchy and sticky topsheet, and medium hard sponge

  • without integrated speed-gluing effect, a classical rubber

  • 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm: Allround

  • 1.8 mm to 2.1 mm: Allround plus / controlled Offensive

Our recommendation as table tennis bat for kids: Equipped with two Donic Vario Soft rubbers, you can find this offer here.

Donic Vario - An allround table tennis rubber

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The Donic Vario is a real allrounder among table tennis rubbers. The word "Vario" is usually referred to as diverse, varying, or diverse when using the lexicon.

The meanings of the word "Vario" can be perfectly projected onto the gaming styles and strategies this rubber is able to cover. Prior to the prohibition of speed-gluing, this rubber was advertized with an outstanding spin-elasticity, and speed. Depending on the chosen sponge thickness (the thinner, the slower; the thicker, the faster), nowadays, this rubber can be used for almost any tactic.

The Vario rubber from Donic stands for good control, and flexibility. With this rubber, Donic was able to unite and combine speed, control, and the possibility to induce an aggressive backspin.

Please consider the sponge thickness when choosing!

The rubber series of the Donic Vario is no longer quite as common as it was the case in the past. This is because most offensive players exclusively trust on the technology of an integrated speed-gluing effect. The Donic Vario product series, however, is definitely worth a recommendation for beginners, and in terms of a variable allround game. Below you can find the main differences between both Vario rubbers:

  • Donic Vario: A classical allround rubber. Medium sponge hardness, speed classified as category 8 (manufacturer specification).
  • Donic Vario Soft: This TT rubber is suitable for beginners, and exhibits a soft sponge. Speed: Category 7.
Do you prefer a rubber which is a bit faster or slower? In case you ask yourself this question, we recommend you to take a look at our summary regarding Donic rubbers. Please: Don´t get lost in thinking. As you already might know: The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

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