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Revolution No. 3 Kleber 110 ml

  • Revolution No. 3 Kleber 110 ml
  • Revolution No. 3 - Tischtennis Kleber 500 ml
  • Revolution No. 3 - TT Kleber 250 ml

Quick Overview

The innovation in terms of table tennis glues is called Revolution No. 3. With this new TT glue, the Chinese company Revolution No. 3 managed to be establish at the global market (sole focus on table tennis accessories). In brief, the advantages of the TT Revolution No. 3 glue are:

  • high viscosity

  • optimal adhesion (grip) between rubber and blade

  • rubbers are easily removable from the blade

  • with slight speed-gluing effect, VOC-free!

  • visibly uncomplicated glue removal from the rubber (see video below)

Revolution No. 3 - Easy to remove table tennis glue

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The Revolution No. 3 table tennis glue is indeed a revolution. The Chinese company is specialized in table tennis accessories, such as glues and cleaners. This can be perceived very clearly considering the high quality of glues.

When using the Revolution No. 3 glue, the rubbers behave almost as if they were speed-glued - for a long period of time, completely legally, and free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). When using this glue in a professional way, the rubbers become somewhat faster and softer.

  • one single layer - normal gluing effect
  • several layers - as good as speed-glued!

The adhesion of the rubber on the blade is always perfect. Removing the table tennis rubber from the blade is very easy with no problems (however, we still recommend sealing!).

In particular, removing the glue from the rubber is very easy (check out the video below) - in contrast to many other glues! TT Revolution attracted attention by posting several small internet videos. Of course, we also want to show you these.

First, there is a videp regarding the assembly/mounting of table tennis rubbers using the Revolution No.3 glue:

Removing the rubber from the bat is no problem at all. It is very impressive though how easily this guy removes the glue from the rubber!

If you desire more detailed information, check out this detailed promotion video (length approx. 50 min) regarding Revolution No. 3:

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