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Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood - Tischtennisholz

  • Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood - Tischtennisholz

Quick Overview

A quite new allround table tennis blade is called Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood. It has potential toward the controlled offensive:

  • 5 veneers made of pure wood

  • weight: approx. 83 g

  • precise balls when doing blocks, counters, and topspins

  • very pleasant feeling when holding in your hand (due to specially refined grip plates)

TIBHAR SAMSONOV PURE WOOD - Our recommendation for the gaming style ALLROUND

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The Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood consists of 5 plies. This TT blade was designed according to the gaming style of Vladimir Samsonov. The Samsonov Pure Wood was developed for club players who correspond to an allround plus (All+) gaming strategy. Hence, this blade is particularly suitable for player who appreciate control, and who score by means of precise balls using exact blocks and topspins.

The Pure Wood inspires because of its precise, high-quality workmanship. This refers to the whole blade and wood, and to the refined grip plates in particular (which lie very comfortably in your hand).

With the Samsonov Pure Wood, Tibhar was able to develop a TT blade which relies on natural woods, and colors. The weight of about 83 g makes it a quite light and centered blade (its center of mass lies in the center area). Combining it with heavy rubbers, however, results in a top-heaviness.

Among other allround blades, the Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood is THE CONCRETE RECOMMENDATION from tt-shop.com. If, however, your style is the controlled offensive, and if you are searching for an excellent ratio between speed and control, the Tibhar Samsonov Premium Contact will be an excellent choice. In case this blade is too slow for you, the Tibhar Samsonov Alpha is a bit faster (but exhibits less control).

Quite recently, the Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood was introduced to the market. Yet after a very short period of time, this TT blade was (and still is!) very popular. Its success is based not only on the perfectly matched characteristics in terms of control, but also on an extremely successful design. Below you can find an overview of the whole Samsonov table tennis blade series:

  • Tibhar Samsonov Carbon: This blade is very fast (speed: 10), resulting in even faster and very hard topspins and shots.
  • Tibhar Samsonov Stratus Carbon: This table tennis blade is equally fast (speed: 10), but it exhibits a bit more control compared to the Samsonov carbon. Still, it is extremely fast!
  • Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro: Slightly slower than the 2 above mentioned TT blades (speed: 9). The Samsonov Force Pro corresponds to a purely offensive blade, without carbon.
  • Tibhar Samsonov Alpha: A good compromise between speed, and control. The Alpha is a bit slower (manufacturer´s speed specification: 8).
  • Tibhar Samsonov Premium Contact: This blade is suitable for aggressive allround players! It is slightly slower than the former (speed: 8-).
  • Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood: With a speed specification of 7, this TT blade is designed for the allround gaming style with focus on safety.

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