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Donic Table Tennis Bats

If you are searching for a table tennis racket, you will soon find the brands DONIC and SCHILDKROET. The concept of both brands is very thoughtful, and bears fruit. The final decision whether a Donic or a Schildkröt table tennis bat is the right choice for you will be made clearer in this article. Have fun reading!

Donic vs. Schildkroet table tennis bats

In short: Donic Schildkröt table tennis bats are intended for table tennis beginners. They are also suitable for hobby and recreational players. Many recreational players don´t know that Donic rackets (without the phrase "Schildkröt") are also used by many professional table tennis players.

These Donic table tennis rackets are qualitatively superior, and intended for club players. Donic club bats are very different compared to normal hobby bats. But where are those differences?

Keep reading - Everything you need to know regarding Donic table tennis bats

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