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Profi Tischtennisschläger

  • Donic Quattro
  • Profi Tischtennisschläger Beläge
  • Profi Tischtenniskelle
  • Profi Tischtennisschläger Allround
  • Profi Tischtennnis Schläger Holz

Quick Overview

Professional table tennis bat for the allround player. Compiled by TT-SHOP.COM

  • recommended TT racket for the start in a club or for many players at district league level

  • application: highly variable

  • highly suitable to learn and refine various techniques

  • all available components at discount

Blade: Stiga Allround Classic

  • optimal control, properly selected veneers

  • best selling blade in the world

Red rubber (forehand): Donic Quattro, or Tibhar Learn Spin (for beginners)

  • Quattro unites spin, control and speed

  • application: highly variable

  • topspin, counter, and chopped balls (push) to be played with high safety, respectively

  • this Tibhar rubber is soft, with good control, and is very inexpensive

Black rubber (backhand): Inexpensive "Learn Spin" – Allround rubber from the house of Donic

  • Donic Quattro, combined with elastic sponge and spin-friendly upper layer of the rubber

  • one of the bestsellers from the house of Donic

  • balanced compromise between speed and control for the allround style

  • Alternative: Rubber for beginners from Tibhar

  • as the name already points out: The Tibhar Learn Spin is intended to learn and refine various techniques, and it is also very inexpensive

In addition to the selection of both rubbers, the gaming properties of this professional allround table tennis bat may also be configured by varying thicknesses of the rubber (see hints in the detailed description)!

Professional Allround Table Tennis Bat

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As low as: €69.90

Price as configured: €49.90


The professional allround table tennis racket is our recommendation for the change from hobby player to club player. This TT bat provides lots of feeling with respect to the ball, has an optimal weight, and can be configured due to your individual strengths and weaknesses. Please note the options for pre-selection: Because of our experience, the forehand rubber is somewhat faster than the backhand rubber.

What is a professional table tennis bat?

A professional allround table tennis bat is defined as a racket, which will be compiled individually according to the desires of a club player. This is actually done by the TT player him/herself, or by a table tennis shop you trust. For this, you choose a blade, as well as a red and a black rubber.

For the professional allround table tennis bat available here, the following individual components were chosen:

Professional table tennis blade: Stiga Allround Classic As beginner, junior coach or club player (controlled style), there is not much you can do wrong when choosing the Stiga Allround Classic. The fivefold glued veneer combination (Limba and Abachi) is the most popular and most proven blade design. Due to the fine-tuning of the individual veneer thicknesses, the gluing technique, and the storage period of every single veneer layer, a perfect allround blade was created. For those reasons, we chose this blade for our professional TT racket.

Short Overview: The Blade
  • with more than 1 million sales, probably the world´s top selling blade ever since its introduction to the market back in 1967
  • maximal safety, optimal sweet spot, good weight
  • perfect balance between speed, spin, and control

Professional Red Table Tennis Rubber (forehand): Donic Quattro or Tibhar Learn Spin

The rubber "Donic Quattro" is very popular for many years now. This is because it can be used very variably. As also available in the recommended pre-selection, its thickness of 2.0 mm results in a controllable, spin friendly topspin when optimally hitting the ball. In a passive way of playing, the Quattro offers the perfect control you need. A big advantage of this rubber is the long-lasting contact time between bat and ball, resulting in a very good ball feedback. This also results in good properties regarding control.

As it may be evident, there is no "real" single professional table tennis racket. To the contrary, this word is more a creation of players seeking for a good bat when playing with ambition and/or when starting in a club. Due to our experience, the rubber provided here, combined with the Stiga blade, is just perfect to fulfill the wishes of many players: Finding a top quality, but also inexpensive table tennis bat.

Short Overview Professional Red (forehand) Table Tennis Rubber:
  • Tibhar learning rubber with best price-performance ratio
  • or:
  • Donic´s top-seller Quattro, pre-setting: forehand red, 2.0 mm
  • (qualitatively superior to the learning rubber, high control, spin friendly upper rubber layer, very variable application)

Professional Black Table Tennis Rubber (backhand): Tibhar Learn Spin or Donic Quattro

The Tibhar Learn Spin has a standard price of 14.99 Euro. You recognize, of course, that our price of 49.90 Euro is more than fair, considering that this price contains 2 rubbers, plus the Allround Classic blade. The only remaining question is: Shall it be this rubber, or the Donic Quattro?

Tibhar is one of the top selling brands in the world of professional table tennis. People who are using the Tibhar Evolution EL S master most techniques perfectly and always want the very best, with every single hit. The properties of the Tibhar Learn Spin are: A soft allround rubber, and a catchy and non-slippery surface. Compared to the Donic Quattro, the Tibhar Learn Spin is lighter, but also slower. Because of this, the Learn Spin does exhibit a bit less spin and less penetrating power.

The biggest advantage of the Tibhar rubber is its low price. All basic techniques can be acquired using this rubber. Furthermore, the whole bat qualitatively superior compared to other finally assembled (ready-to-buy) bats when combining it with the Learn Spin rubbers. Everybody with high motivational levels, ambitions, and a regular training should directly choose the professional table tennis bat as pre-configured here (2xQuattro rubber). This is the concrete recommendation of TT-SHOP.COM. It is exactly this bat which is sold very frequently, and after having received much feedback from our customers we definitely can really tell you it is worth it!

Short Overview Professional Black (backhand) Table Tennis Rubber
  • also here you have to possibility to get a low-price Tibhar rubber mounted
  • take the best-seller from the house of Donic, the Donic Quattro: pre-setting black, 1.8 mm
Quattro rubber, which enables all tactical variations, spin-friendly upper rubber material, maximal control by elastic sponge

Pre-Settings for the Professional Allround Table Tennis Bat

For the professional table tennis racket, standard settings regarding the rubbers´ thickness were configured by TT-SHOP.COM in such a way that the forehand rubber is somewhat thicker and faster than the backhand rubber. The backhand rubber is thinner and provides better control. For those reasons, this bat is highly suitable an allround player, who´s game is based on control and safety.

The material offers perfect properties in order to play forehand topspin. A passive gaming style is easy to play with the backhand. The handle of the TT bat is flared (thick), since most club players (85%) prefer this geometry.

Tip for experts: If your gaming style is more offensive or defensive, you can easily adapt the material according to your preferences:
  • the thinner the rubber, the more controllable it is (at the expense of speed)
  • the thicker the rubber, the faster and more dynamic it is (at the expense of control)

Convincing Service - Thoughts about the Allround Table Tennis Bat

To enable beginners to get a good bat for little money, we reduced the price of the Professional Allround TT Bat, including all of its variations. Provided the Tibhar rubbers are selected, this bat only costs 49.90 Euro. A price below the level of many finally assembled (ready-to-play) bats, which are of lower quality and known for problems when changing rubbers (those are very sticky with respect to the blade).

By choosing the rubber "Donic Quattro", there is even a another step possible. This rubber is, compared to the Tibhar rubber, superior with respect to its quality. It is also faster compared to the Friendship rubber. When mounted on both sides, the Donic Quattro is an important ingredient for a perfect allround bat, for just about 69.90 Euro.

By the way, most players use a red rubber for their forehands, and a black one for their backhands. But this can be chosen individually, no problem.

Some remaining tips: One thing we definitely recommend is to seal the blade. Doing this, mounted rubbers can easily be removed (without sticking too much) and renewed. If you train intensively, you will make progress and your material must be adapted according to the progress your make. For example, you may need a rubber in the future which is faster, providing more grip. In such a case, you can renew your old rubbers by the new ones, without having to buy a completely new bat.

Alternatives to the professional table tennis bat: The agony of choice

Fertigschläger It is not a secret that there is no professional TT bat perfectly suitable for everyone! Rather, table tennis brands lead a real battle among themselves: Due to the competitive character of the business, manufacturers go extremely into detail. As a consequence, there are more than 30 new rubbers on the market each year. Including all rubbers from China, rubbers with pimples and anti topspin rubbers, this number even grows to over 50 new rubbers available each year. These differ with respect to certain details (e.g. varying jump/rebounce behavior, a 40 or 42° sponge, medium hard or hard upper rubber layer, and many more), but only professional club players note this, since they are experienced for several years. This causes two effects. First, it is an advantage for players who like to try new settings, it is never getting boring so to speak. Second, it is also a disadvantage, since the gigantic offer of rubbers, blades, and maybe even new gluing, causes confusion among many customers.

At www.tt-shop.com we are having another strategy, we are clarifying and enlightening. Our service is structured in such a way that all of our product descriptions are written by our own. Our compiled professional table tennis rackets (= where you can buy 2 rubbers and the blade separately) were configured in such a way that they are attuned to a certain gaming style. As already mentioned, the professional TT bat provided here is suitable for players who are starting their career in a club, resembling the allround style. It is our best seller, and there were no complaints regarding this bat at all.

The following alternatives are not different to each other with respect to their quality. Quality is provided for every single professional table tennis bat listed below. It is rather an aspect of suitability, which may differ depending on individual needs, disposition, and development potential of a player. But please, keep reading and choose which alternative may be relevant for you. Due to our experience, most passionate hobby players, long-standing allrounder, and/or career break returners perform very well with this product.

  • Table Tennis Bat for Kids: appropriate for kids with small hands
  • Stiga Allround Premium Spin: better than common bats from the store, winner of the price-performance ratio!
  • Professional Table Tennis Bat Allround: Bestseller at www.tt-shop.com, suitable for allrounders, career break returners, and for club starters. Sponge thickness of the rubbers (responsible for speed) may be adapted at this bat.
  • Xiom Intro Classic: Blade and rubbers are somewhat faster compared to the Professional Table Tennis Bat Allround, style: Allround plus. Rubbers exhibit a slight speed-glue-effect. Perfect for the transition from ALL to OFF.
  • Stiga Aurus Carbon: Compromise between speed, spin, and control. Style: controlled offensive.
  • Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin: maximal spin at good control in passive game, style: controlled offensive + strong spin, especially suitable for topspin players

Additional Information

delivery time Heute bestellt - morgen geliefert! Alle auswählbaren Komponenten immer vorrätig.
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No



Guide regarding the menu navigation in our TT shop

This table tennis online shop is specialized in rubbers, blades, and table tennis rackets for club needs. Every product description you will read at TT-Shop.com is self-written. Each product was also tested, and most of these products were only added to our assortment provided they were convincing!


A table tennis racket (a.k.a bat or even paddle) is made of a blade and two rubbers. The rubbers have different colors (red & black). In order to make it easier for you to buy the best racket, we compiled this advisor:


Table of contents
  1. Hints when buying a racket for club use
  2. Advisor for table tennis rubbers
  3. Advisor for table tennis blades
  4. Rackets for hobby & recreation at tt-shop.com
  5. About us

Hints when buying a racket for club use

In our online shop you can find the largest selection of table tennis rackets you can configure by yourself! For this, we have developed 5 methods, which make it quite easy for you to accomplish this without technical problems.



Method 1: Compile your table tennis racket by yourself


  • select your blade
  • Sealing of the blade?
  • click "Mount ordered rubbers" when selecting your blade
  • choose rubbers
  • go to the checkout - pay, ready!
  • you save 20%


Method 2: One table tennis racket + 2 rubbers chosen from the same product family

  • select your blade
  • Sealing of the blade?
  • click "Mount ordered rubbers" when selecting your blade
  • select the savings set of 2 rubbers
  • go to the checkout - pay, ready!
  • you will save at least 20%, in many cases even more!


Method 3: Racket tip for each brand & product family (example)

Racket tip

  • select your blade
  • Sealing of the blade?
  • click "Mount ordered rubbers" when selecting your blade
  • the pre-setting corresponds to our concrete recommendation
  • you can select from all Waldner blades
  • you can select from all Bluefire rubbers
  • go to the checkout - pay, ready!
  • you save approx. 20%, in most cases even more!

Method 4: Product family & best-seller blade (example)

In the course of time, certain blades have developed into best-sellers. In terms of Stiga, these are the following:

  • Stiga Allround Classic (Tip Allround)
  • Stiga Offensive Classic (Tip Offensive Spin)
  • Stiga Infinity VPS V (Tip Offensive Speed)
For each of the rubber families, there are 3 discounted rackets available. These include the selection of the bestseller blade from Stiga, and all rubbers which can be assigned to a product family. Also for this, the following applies:

  • select your blade
  • Sealing of the blade?
  • click "Mount ordered rubbers" when selecting your blade
  • select rubbers, go to the checkout - pay, ready!
Tibhar Aurus

Method 5: Email us & order

In case you are still not sure what product to choose, we would be happy to help you finding the best table tennis racket for yourself. Just email us: info@tt-shop.com.

Matthias Bormann


Advisor for table tennis rubbers

Table tennis rubbers are the main wear and tear items in this sport. Hence, we put quite some effort into providing the best possible support & service for our customers. If you want to buy table tennis rubbers, we offer the following possibilities:

Method 1: Using the vertical menu (= our recommendation)

Table Tennis Rubbers

Method 2: Using the horizontal menu

  • rubbers can be found under the category "Club Players"
  • order according to gaming style

Method 3: Bargain hunting

Advisor for table tennis blades

"The table tennis blade is the soul of the table tennis racket". Hence, this issue is very important, and it really makes sense to spend a bit more time when doing research on ping pong blades. Our support at a glance:

  • detailed, self-written product descriptions
  • all manufacturer specifications in summary tables, sorted according to brands
  • our own product photos with detail views
  • additional advice via email

Ovtcharov Carbospeed blade Stiga Evolution

Carbonado 145 TPE Perform Allround Classic Rackets for hobby & recreation at tt-shop.com

For the hobby, leisure, and recreation, we created a separate category for you. Here you can find selected rackets, sorted according to price and gaming style.

We strongly recommend our hobby players to intensively do research on the topic table tennis. You can purchase high-quality rackets for little money, such as our test winner from the 2016 test report on table tennis rackets!

About us

With passion to success. The product advice and all other marketing strategies are managed by me, Matthias Bormann, and my team.

If you are searching for a personal contact person for table tennis needs, you will be convinced by TT-SHOP.COM!

Matthias Bormann, Sports Engineer

After my studies of Sports Engineering, I was attracted by the e-commerce. After 2 years of working for a large online shop that sells fitness items for each kind of sport, I decided to follow my dream: Table tennis, and table tennis sales (full-time).

Since a was a little boy, I am playing table tennis. With the passion of a little kid, I was writing all product descriptions myself. I tested new blades, rubbers, and other equipment whenever it was possible. In the course of time, a motivated and competent team has formed around me. Together, we do everything to enable the best service for you.

We really hope you can feel that when reading through www.tt-shop.com, or when having contact with us. In the case of any suggestions for improvement, criticism etc., please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would be very happy to receive an order from you!

Sporty greetings, Matthias & team

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

Dear table tennis friends,

As you might already know, we currently build and expand our English online table tennis shop for you. Hence, we apologize for the fact that there are still some constructions going on.

However, all of our products can already be ordered. In case you are having problems in terms of the ordering process, or in case you are looking for products which are not yet listed in our shop, please simply send us an inquiry via email (info@tt-shop.com), or use our contact form.

For deliveries outside the European Union, we will create an individual offer for you which considers your wishes, and we will inform you about the shipping and delivery conditions.

We are already looking forward to your questions, and suggestions!
Country Region Up to 50 Euro Over 50 Euro Over 150 Euro Delivery time (working days) Premium
Austria EU 11.90 EURO 6.90 EURO free shipping 2 Days
Belgium EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 2 Days
Bulgaria EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 4-5 Days
Cyprus EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 9-11 Days
Czechia EU 12.90 EURO 7.90 EURO free shipping 2-3 Days
Germany EU 04.90 EURO free shipping free shipping 2-3 Days
Denmark EU 12.90 EURO 7.90 EURO free shipping 2-3 Days
Spain EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 4-5 Days
Estonia EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 4-6 Days
Finland EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 4 Days
France EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 3 Days
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 2-3 Days
Greece EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 6-8 Days
Hungary EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 3 Days
Ireland EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 3-4 Days
Italy EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 3-Days
Lithuania EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 4-5 Days
Luxembourg EU 12.90 EURO 7.90 EURO free shipping 2-3 Days
Latvia EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 4-5 Days
Malta EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 4-6 Days
Netherlands EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 2 Days
Poland EU 12.90 EURO 7.90 EURO free shipping 2-3 Days
Portugal EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 4-5 Days
Romania EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 3-4 Days
Slovakia EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 3 Days
Slovenia EU 13.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 3 Days
Sweden EU 14.90 EURO 8.90 EURO free shipping 3 Days

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