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Andro Hexer Duro

  • Andro Hexer Duro

Quick Overview

Andro Hexer Duro - a table tennis rubber for those of you who prefer a sensitive rubber with much feeling, but also sufficient penetrating power for offensive moves.

  • medium-hard sponge

  • integrated speed-gluing effect

  • much control during the passive game, and sufficient reserves for the offensive

  • recommended for the backhand

  • perfect for a game based on blocks, and counters

  • gaming system: Allround Plus

Andro Hexer Duro - Good feeling for the ball

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The Andro Hexer is a table tennis rubber based on a natural rubber mixture. Hence, the Hexer is quite catchy. It is designed for players who desire a balanced rubber (not too fast, and not too slow, but still offensive).

The medium-hard sponge is made in Germany, and provides a very even gaming experience, and feeling. The Andro Hexer table tennis rubber exhibits a very variable area of application, but can also act with much pressure.

Another recommendation for this TT rubber are sensitive openers with much feeling, and rotation. Hence, the Hexer is a good choice for offensive players.

The next faster step within this rubber series is the Andro Hexer Plus, which is also available at TT-Shop.com. This TT rubber has large and coarse pores, and exhibits more speed + an increased catapult effect.

Below you can find a brief summary of all rubbers from the Hexer series:
  • Andro Hexer HD: A rubber with a speed specification of 112! Considering this technology, there is really nothing faster.
  • Andro Hexer Plus: This table tennis rubber has a speed index of 109, which is still very fast. Suitable for a purely offensive gaming style!
  • Andro Hexer: The speed characteristic of this rubber is 107. Three words describe this TT rubber: Spin, speed, and control. Evenly united!
  • Andro Hexer Duro: Speed 103, an offensive rubber with good control!
  • Andro Hexer Powersponge: Still quite fast: 101! Within this series, this rubber exhibits the most feeling for the ball.

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