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Xiom Vega Tour - Belag

  • Xiom Vega Tour - Belag

Quick Overview

Since May 2018, the Xiom Vega Tour is available. This TT rubber is well known, and our partner tt-spin.de(com) made a detailed test report on the Vega Tour which is also included in this description.

  • modern offensive rubber with immense catapult effect

  • very catchy and spinny topsheet, combined with 45 ° sponge

  • uncompromising when playing close to the table, forgives errors when doing blocks

  • low susceptibility to spin

  • the newest rubber technology at a low price

Xiom Vega Tour

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With the Xiom Vega Tour, Xiom extends its very popular Vega rubber series. This TT rubber is the logical consequence of the main findings of rubber research. This primarily reaches back to the changed gaming behavior due to the new plastic balls. The thinner topsheet combined with a significantly thicker lower rubber layer results in a high quality, and high-performance TT rubber suitable for modern attackers. The Vega Tour, hence, counteracts the "braking effect" caused by the bigger and catchier new plastic table tennis balls.

The sponge hardness of this rubber is medium (45°). Its surface is quite flexible, but very catchy and spinny. This combination makes the Xiom Vega Tour suitable for many players who specify themselves to play in a controlled, offensive manner. Specifically, players who use hard shots and counters, as well as fast topspins, will be very happy with this rubber.

In terms of innovative technologies, Xiom trusts on the so called Elasto Futura Technology. As mentioned above, the thinner (but still very spinny) topsheet was combined with a highly dynamical 45 ° Carbo sponge. This development is quite new.

The Vega Tour exhibits a high basic speed, and a pronounced catapult effect. This rubber is one of the fastest rubbers within the Vega series, and in combination with the new surface, there is also much spin available. Due to this, the bounce of the ball is a bit flatter which makes it easier to perform fast spins, and shots. The sound of the Vega Tour reminds one of the good old times of speed-gluing.

One needs to be quite active in order to successfully play the Xiom Vega Tour, and in order to fully use its strengths. Especially during finishers, and during the aggressive topspin/counter-topspin game, this rubber completely convinces. In contrast to the Vega Intro, the Vega Tour requires a certain level of skills, and a certain training workload. It is the golden mean between the Vega Pro, and Vega Euro.

This provided, including a modern, variable, and uncompromising offensive style, the Xiom Vega Tour is worth a recommendation. Additionally, this rubber is quite inexpensive.

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