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Tibhar Nimbus Soft - Tischtennisbelag

  • Tibhar Nimbus Soft - Tischtennisbelag

Quick Overview

Considering the hardness of the whole Nimbus series, the Nimbus Soft is located right in the middle. This TT rubber from Tibhar is very sensitive, with much feeling resulting in a very good compromise between speed and control:

  • soft sponge (37.5°) for good control

  • integrated speed-gluing effect, but still exhibiting much control

  • integrated SPI and Clear-technology

Tibhar Nimbus Soft - Table tennis rubber Made in Germany

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The Nimbus Soft was developed with focus on ball control, however, without losing much speed. This sensitive and feelingful table tennis rubber is very suitable for the gaming system "controlled offensive": These are players who need/rely on much feeling when doing attacking strokes.

The soft sponge (hardness: 37.5°) causes stability. This rubber is, hence, suitable for a) allrounders who prefer somewhat more penetrating power, and b) for offensive players who search for more feeling for the ball as compared to the Tibhar Nimbus.

The Nimbus Soft develops spin similarly good as does the Nimbus. The Nimbus Soft table tennis rubber also offers advantages because of its increased ball contact time.

If you feel that the Nimbus Soft acts too dynamically, and provides too little control, you should consider to choose a softer rubber. In this context, the Tibhar Nimbus Sound might be worth a recommendation. This rubber exhibits much control by very long-lasting ball contact times. The Tibhar Nimbus is the most offensive rubber within the Nimbus series.

The following promotion video from Tibhar presents all Nimbus versions. By now, the Nimbus medium was removed from the assortment: Below you can find a short overview over all the rubbers which were demonstrated. This may facilitate your choice:

  • Tibhar Nimbus: The hardest rubber from this series, plus a medium hard sponge. Much speed, but still exhibiting good control!
  • Tibhar Nimbus Soft: The golden mean with respect to hardness. This TT rubber is very balanced regarding spin, speed, and control.
  • Tibhar Nimbus Sound: This is the softest table tennis rubber from this series, and "forgives" many mistakes.

Are there comparable, similar rubbers? There are no identical rubbers. But you might want to read through our overview of Tibhar rubbers. There you can find rubbers stemming from a similar category, exhibiting similar characteristics such was speed, spin, and control.

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