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Tibhar Evolution EL S

  • Tibhar Evolution EL S

Quick Overview

Highly anticipated - The development of the Tibhar Evolution EL S! The Evolution MX S was already a great success. Therefore, this is also expected from the EL S. The main characteristics of this table tennis rubber are:

  • focus on spin

  • medium hard sponge similar to the ELP, but slightly harder

  • good control, high speed, and maximal spin

TIBHAR EVOLUTION EL S - Our recommendation for the type OFFENSIVE SPIN

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What is there to tell you about the Tibhar Evolution EL S? This table tennis rubber will be a good choice for all of you who are acting from the half distance using spinny attacks. Especially, this rubber will also be suitable for players of higher leagues who prefer the MX S for their forehands in order to reach high speeds at maximum spin. The Tibhar Evolution EL S, used for example at your (passive) backhand, satisfies the dream of those of you who like openers with much spin. Characterized by a relatively high trajectory of the ball, topspins clearly exhibit a "spin-arc". This particularly facilitates openers after intensive backspin strokes.

When serving, this rubber allows both, precise balls and complex, highly rotational serves. The largest advantage of the EL-S is its variability. This means that this rubber provides sufficient control during the passive game, but also sufficient pressure during active, forward-oriented phases. When receiving serves, the EL S is more precise than the EL P. The overall hardness resembles quite the middle between the hardness of the MXP/MXS and the ELP rubbers.

The Tibhar Evolution EL S table tennis rubber is definitely suitable for attacking players who attack using lots of spin, but still rely on control. Perfect for the backhand of players in the upper leagues. For district league and "average" regional league players, this rubber is also worth a true recommendation when using it for your forehand. By the variation of the sponge thickness, this TT rubber is good to master in lower leagues when using thin versions. Another large strength of the Tibhar Evolution EL S is its precision, but also its dynamics with respect to spin (particularly common at slower opening topspins). One feels as if the rubber does exactly what you want it to do!

The Evolution rubbers are often compared with the Tenergy rubbers from Butterfly. Well, not later than now (with the EL S), the company should rethink its strategy, because the Tibhar Evolution EL S is even nicer to play with, and exhibits a precise punch with lots of pressure (at a sponge hardness of approx. 46°).

The Evolution series is probably the most successful product family from the house of Tibhar. It comprises rubbers equipped with large-pored sponges, being very catapult-like. The Tibhar Evolution with the suffix P (P as in Power):

Furthermore, as of 2016 (MX-S since 2015), Evolution rubbers with the suffix "S" (S as in Spin) are available on the market:

  • Tibhar Evolution MX S: Unbelievable spin! At the same time high speed plus a hard rubber.
  • Tibhar Evolution EL S: Very much spin, medium-hard sponge (right between MXS/MXP and ELP). A very balanced TT rubber.
  • Tibhar Evolution FX S: Extreme spin, prolonged ball contact time.
The Evolution rubbers are just great ... for attacking players! You feel that those four best-sellers are too fast your you? No problem! Just take a look at our alternatives: Other Tibhar rubbers. We are sure that you´ll find what you are looking for! If not, just email us. We are very happy to answer your questions!

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