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Tibhar Aurus Select

  • Tibhar Aurus Select

Quick Overview

The Tibhar Aurus Select is a new table tennis rubber for variable attacking players. This rubber works pretty well also when using the new plastic balls. It causes a great feeling for the game.

  • topsheet is very thin and soft, but also very catchy

  • pink-colored sponge available in 4 thicknesses (1.7 / 1.9 / 2.1 / Max)

  • the new SSP technology results in a pleasant feedback of the rubber

  • very good spin and speed characteristics, whilst keeping an excellent control

  • bet possible performance in every situation

  • recommended for allround and power-allround players

Tibhar Aurus Select

UVP €44.90

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The Tibhar Aurus Select exhibits a very good and controlled feeling for the game. This is because this TT rubber has a unique combination based on the soft and highly catchy topsheet. Therefore, Tibhar counts on this rubber by implementing an innovative combination of a thinner topsheet, which serves a thicker sponge. It is well known that the main performance of table tennis rubbers from ESN stems from the construction of the sponge. This is particularly the case considering the Select edition.

The thicker sponge leads to an increased speed and allows for a better acceleration whilst having the same effort. The soft topsheet makes you, however, always keep control so that you will be prepared for every situation.

Due to the soft and highly catchy surface of the rubber, the Tibhar Aurus Select is particularly suitable for spinny and rich-in-rotation spin variations, no matter if topspin or backspin.

This balanced combination between spin, control, and speed make the Tibhar Aurus Select the right choice for allround and power-allround players, who prefer an allround-rubber which is capable of everything, and which supports their gaming system.

Players who act more offensively exerting more pressure should have a look at the other new rubber from the house of Tibhar, the Aurus Prime.

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