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Stiga Allround Classic

  • Stiga Allround Classic
  • Tischtennisholz Allround Classic von Stiga
  • Stiga Holz Allround Classic

Quick Overview

This blade not only convinces because of its tradition and price-performance ratio. The Stiga Allround Classic is perfect for every beginner and for players who rely on feedback of the ball with every stroke:

  • perfect feedback with every stroke

  • table tennis blade with long lasting tradition

  • 5 veneers

  • weight approx. 80 g

  • style: Allround/ Def+

Stiga Allround Classic - Our recommendation for the allround player

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Since its birth, this TT blade is probably the most sold blade of all blades all over the world. The Stiga Allround Classic sets standards. Its construction details are the basis for all table tennis companies in order to produce the best allround blades. Since 1976, With the TT blade "Allround Classic", it is the Swedish company Stiga setting standards since 1976.

First, there was the European Champion Model. After Kjell Johansson won the world champion title, the World Champion Model was created in the 1970s. This segued into the Allround Wood, which was renamed into the Stiga Allround Classic. Of course, the structure of the veneers slightly changed over time, and blades from the 1970s are not comparable to the blades available nowadays. The Stiga Allround Classic is still an extremely popular table tennis blade. It is especially suited not only for people who start playing table tennis: The Allround Classic exhibits an enormous control in every stroke you do, pleasant feedback of the ball, and an elastic feeling with a soft ball contact. These properties make the Stiga Allround Classic perfect for beginners, but also for other players. These are typical allround players who rely on pure feedback of the ball. With the Allround Classic, you´ll get this feedback, which is and probably will be unachieved in this scene.

All details on processing were established during many years, and were always considered when further developing this blade made in Sweden. The weight of this blade is only approx. 80 g (manufacturer specification), which is clearly located in the lower range. This makes is also very suitable for kids. Also, the classical structure of 5 veneers is very nice to look at and features high quality. This is how the

Stiga Allround Classic looks like:

Here we want to show you Stiga´s official promotional video regarding classics, which are still available among table tennis blades::

According to the opinion of many experts, Stiga is the company which produces the best TT blades available on the market. The Allround Classic was continually developed over the time, and there were many models and versions of this classic blade. These are:

Furthermore, the following Stiga allround blades (without the designation "Classic") are available:

  • Stiga Allround Evolution": Clearly faster than most allround blades from Stiga. Only the Classic Carbon can keep up with it (regarding the allround style).
  • Stiga Allround Wood NCT : Similar speed level as the Allround Evolution, minimal differences due to NCT technique.

If these additional information are not enough for you, you´ll find more service here. The legendary offensive blade from the traditional company Stiga is called Stiga Offensive Classic. For the pure defensive game, the Stiga Defensive Wood NCT was developed. This blade clearly reminds one of the Defensive Wood from the 1080s.

Stiga Allround Classic Frontansicht  Stiga Allround Classic Seitenansicht  Stiga Allround Classic Seitlich  Stiga Allround Classic Griff  Stiga Allround Classic seitlich  Stiga Allround Classic Furnieraufbau

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