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Donic Vario Clean - Tischtennis Kleber

  • Belagschutzfolie von Donic
  • Donic Vario Clean - Tischtennis Kleber
  • Donic Kantenband
  • Donic Andruckrolle
  • Kleber von TT Revolution No.3
  • Joola Holzversieglung

Quick Overview

There are several tools and utensils in order to glue a table tennis rubber. Mainly, there is a choice between two different glues and some additional products:

  • Joola Sealing for your Blade

  • Revolution No. 3 Scissors or Tibhar cutter knife

  • Donic Vario Clean glue or Revolution No.3 glue

  • Donic pressure roller

For optimal conditions, the following products can be selected:

  • edge tape from Donic

  • bat press

  • materials for rubber protection

Gluing your table tennis rubbers - With our mounting kit

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With this mounting kit one can glue a table tennis rubber. Not many materials are necessary for this:
  • sealing of the blade
  • scissors or (cutter) knife
  • table tennis glue (also called adhesive)
  • pressure roller

To offer optimal conditions, it is recommended to use edge tape from Donic, a bat press (compactor), and protective materials for your rubbers, such as protective foils or films.

This is how one glues a table tennis rubber:

The blade is placed on top of a table, next to the rubbers. Using a sponge, the glue must be evenly distributed on the TT rubbers and blade.

Depending on the viscosity of the glue, and on the amount of glue used, one should wait 5-15 min until the glue has completely dried. To minimize the waiting period, some use a drier. After this, the table tennis rubber is placed on the blade: Start at the area of the handle, and move upwards. Press firmly!

Finally, the portions of the rubber protruding the edge of the blade are removed using scissors or a cutter knife. If you are gluing a table tennis rubber for the very first time, it is usually recommended to use scissors for this. the cutter knife provides a finer and subtler cut though, but this is more complicated.

Tip: Prior to gluing, please make sure to seal the blade properly. This prevents damaging the blade (e.g. fraying, or tearing out fibers of the finishing veneer) when removing the rubbers sometime in the future. For this, we recommend to put Joola blade sealing onto your blade, letting it absorb the sealing for one night.

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