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Donic Robo Pong 540

  • Donic Robo Pong 540
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Quick Overview

The Donic Robo Pong 540 - A robot with very good properties! But what is it what makes this robot that popular?
It is the complex of three-dimensions: The reasonable amount of different settings vs. good quality vs. a low price level. Hence, the Donic Robo Pong 540 is an example of a very useful robot, especially for beginners and advanced players seeking for progress.

  • different ball speeds (approx. 15 to 115 km/h)

  • adjustable ball frequencies (13 to 63 balls/min)

  • various spin types (topspin, backspin, sidespin)

  • remote control

  • ball capacity: 100 balls

Donic Robo Pong 545

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Donic Robo Pong 540 – Entry-level model from the house of Donic
The Donic Robo Pong 540 corresponds to the entry-level model from the house of Donic. And by all means, entry-level models are indeed not always of low quality. This is particularly true for the Donic Robo Pong 540.

Donic Robo Pong 540 - A convincing start in the world of ping pong robots

The Donic Robo Pong 540 joins two major features: A reasonable amount of different practical settings while being available at a fair price-performance ratio. With respect to ball speed, the Donic Robo Pong 540 may serve balls at 15 up to 115 km/h. Ball frequencies are adjustable starting at 13 up to 63 balls/min, and balls are served as topspin, backspin, and sidespin balls. Although this ball machine is quite inexpensive (but clearly has a role as a table tennis robot for beginners), the Donic Robo Pong 540 exhibits a high degree of ball precision. The ball capacity is approx. 100 balls, and this TT robot may be placed anywhere on the table. Hence, all positions at the other half of the table may serve as target spots. By using a remote control, adjusting ball speed and frequency, turning off and on are easily done.

Donic Robo Pong 540 - Really without drawbacks?
While possibly being quite picky now, there are one or two small quirks with this TT machine. The Donic Robo Pong 540 does not have a recycling system (balls have to be placed in the basket manually). However, when considering its low price, this is not too surprisingly and hence not really a real drawback. To have a recycling system (net included), one simply has to dig somewhat deeper into the pocket. Speaking of a net: This may be a small drawback of the Donic Robo Pong 540: There is no net included. It is, however, recommended to buy a net as well, for a simple reason: The table and the balls always have to be kept clean. Otherwise, balls may be jammed / may get stuck in the robot. This ping pong machine is quite prone for such things. While the table may easily be kept clean, the floor isn´t. Hence, balls get dusty and dirty very quickly. A net is very useful to prevent this. Another small quirk deals with the ball behavior: Sidespin and backspin balls exhibit high amounts of spin, which may be a little bit too challenging for beginners. On the other side, topspin is only moderate.

The Donic Robo Pong 540: Small quirks or no small quirks, if you –especially as a beginner– consider some of the rules, you will be having fun with this table tennis machine. The Donic Robo Pong 540 is a good choice, and has earned a solid recommendation.

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