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Donic Robo Pong 1050 Digital

  • Donic Robo Pong 1055 Digital

Quick Overview

The Donic Robo Pong 1055 is known to be a real recommendation in the world of table tennis robots. Very good workmanship, together with many useful and sensible settings, plus a very acceptable price – all these things make this ping pong machine as we know it now:

  • rapid assembly and low weight (4,5 kg)

  • ball speed up to 120 km/h, ball frequency up to 170 balls/min

  • 21 oscillation positions, head: 13 angles of inclination

  • 64 pre-programmed drills and 30 different speeds to select

  • available spins: topspin, sidespin, backspin, chop, counter, and serve

  • ball capacity: 200 balls

Donic Robo Pong 1055

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Price as configured: €599.00

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Donic Robo Pong 1055 - A real expert from the house of Donic

In consistence with the expectations of ping pong machines, the Donic Robo Pong 1055 shows itself from its best side. Many great features make this robot a fantastic training tool. No matter what level you are (beginner, advanced or pro) – the Donic Robo Pong 1055 offers you many things.

Donic Robo Pong 1055 - 5 stars for the "small" Donic

Indeed, the Donic Robo Pong 1055 convinces with several positive properties. Let us start with easy things, such as its weight: Only 4.5kg! This is quite light, making this TT robot easy to transport. When assembled, it is very handy (height x width x depth = 60x35x30 cm). By the way: Assembly is done quickly and very easily. The Donic Robo Pong 1055 is then placed on top of the table, at any desired position. Furthermore, this TT machine offers many settings, which are adjustable with respect to any level of expertise. In this sense, you may select repetitive training of various basic strokes for beginners, or unpredictable combinations of difficult balls for pros – not a problem with the Donic Robo Pong 1055. This is because there are so many different settings: 21 oscillation positions, 13 inclination angles of the head, 30 speed settings (up to 120 km/h), varying spins (topspin, sidespin, backspin, chop, counter, and serve), different ball frequencies (up to 170 balls/min), as well as 64 pre-programmed drills via a digital control unit and PC mode. Furthermore, this table tennis robot convinces with its moderate price, especially when comparing to the Donic Robo Pong 2050 and when considering the many settings and very good overall suitability and usability (except the recycling balls system integrated in the Donic Robo Pong 2050, there are –technically speaking– no differences between the Donic Robo Pong 1055 and the Donic Robo Pong 2050!). The ball basket may be loaded with up to 200 balls, enabling quite long training sessions.

Donic Robo Pong 1055 - Is there anything to complain about?

To be honest – not really. The only thing may be that the Donic Robo Pong 1055 does not include a net to collect returned balls. However, this can be ordered separately. As mentioned above, this table tennis machine does not have a recycling system (Available in the Donic Robo Pong 2050, however, this is more expensive. If this is worth it – decide for yourself). Please, consider the relatively low price of the Donic Robo Pong 1055. Taking this into account, the fact that it does not offer a net or a recycling system is not a real and serious shortcoming. If you are playing with settings which include quick and large-angled oscillations, the whole (relatively light) robot may wiggle a bit, however, this does not really influence ball precision.

The Donic Robo Pong 1055 convinces from start to finish – a very interesting robot for beginners, advanced players, and pros. A perfect partner for training sessions, definitely worth a recommendation.

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