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Donic Epox Powerallround

  • DONIC EPOX POWERALLROUND - Table tennis blade

Quick Overview

Donic Epox Powerallround - this is the Epox blade for the gaming system allround plus. Due to a special gluing procedure, this table tennis blade exhibits a unique stiffness, and is free of vibrations. Further main properties are:

  • 5 veneers

  • 85 g

  • bonding with epoxy resin, and a special heating process under pressure

  • All+ blade

  • best properties for blocks, counters, and sensitive topspins


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Among the Epox table tennis blades, every single one is a high-quality unique specimen. This is also true for the Donic Epox Powerallround. This TT blade is especially designed for the allround plus player. The special feature of Epox blades is the gluing. Approximately 90% of all table tennis blades are made based on liquid glue. With the Donic Epox Powerallround, there is a solid, adhesive film made of epoxy resin which is applied between the veneers. Subsequently, a 20 min heat treatment follows during which pressure is applied. In the course of this process, the film of epoxy resin liquefies to a liquid state, and glues the veneers with each other.

The gaming properties (of the Epox Powerallround version in particular!) exhibit a highly balanced ratio between speed and control, whereas there is a focus on control. Particularly noteworthy is the stiffness: Considering that the Donic Epox Powerallround is an allround plus (All+) blade, the stiffness is excellent. This has very positive effects, especially during offensive, fast finishers.

The Epox series comprises the following blades:

  • Donic Epox Control: This TT blade is intended for the typical allrounder who -based on safe balls- forces his/her opponent to make errors.
  • Donic Epox Powerallround: A table tennis blade suitable for players who often take the initiative after a period of safe blocks and counters.
  • Donic Epox Offensive: With this blade it makes sense to frequently attack with spinny balls, but always with much control.
  • Donic Epox Topspeed: This Donic table tennis blade is designed for the attacking game using forehand, and backhand.

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