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Donic Acuda S1 - Tischtennisbelag

  • Donic Acuda S1 - Tischtennisbelag

Quick Overview

Since many years, the Donic Acuda S1 is very popular among players of different levels. Especially offensive "artists", who prefer a fast and direct scoring, are very happy with this table tennis rubber from Donic:

  • strengths of the rubber: speed, penetrating power, and catapult

  • hard, large-pored sponge & short ball contact time

  • especially suitable for uncompromising offensive "artists"

  • Donic Technology: Spin Speed

Donic Acuda S1 - Table Tennis Rubber

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For many players the Donic Acuda S1 was the real first alternative to speed-glued TT rubbers. The further development of the Baracuda provides you even larger speed reserves, which is also because of a harder sponge. This rubber catapults the table tennis ball even more. Also, there were improvements of the surface of the rubber: It now allows more spin. Considering sales figures, these measures were successful. The Donic Acuda S1 is especially suitable for aggressive topspin players, acting close to the table. This hard and fast TT rubber should preferably be used by players with much feeling and/or high training workloads. If you are seeking for a large penetrating power, and if you are able to compensate the resulting deteriorations regarding control by means of a good feeling for the ball, the Donic Acuda S1 is an excellent choice for you! If you need even more speed, you might consider the Donic Acuda S1 Turbo, which is faster. If you, on the contrary, prefer a controlled game, you should try the Donic Acuda S2. TT-SHOP.COM recommends the Donic Acuda S3 for variable allround players with a drive to an offensive style. In total, the product family of the Acuda rubbers from the house of Donic comprises 4 rubbers. Their main differences are:   These characteristics are also confirmed in the following video: Buy your Acuda table tennis rubbers at fair prices! Our saving set regarding Donic Acuda rubbers contains 20% off when ordering two Acuda rubbers, no matter what the type. S1 suggests speed - is there anything faster? The development of rubbers will always continue. Of course, this is also true for Donic rubbers, as is also evident considering the manufacturer specifications (see the previous link).

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