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Victas V > 15 Extra - TT Belag

  • Victas V > 15 Extra -Table tennis rubber

Quick Overview

This rubber is really fast, exhibits a large catapult effect, and is really fun when optimally hitting the ball. The rubber properties of the Victas V > 15 Extra were pushed to the limit. Hence, the control of this table tennis rubber suffers.

  • 47.5° high-end sponge

  • huge catapult effect

  • improved spin properties as compared to the V01

  • recommended for players who always try to attack, and who exhibit much feeling for the ball

VICTAS V > 15 EXTRA - Our recommendation for the gaming style OFFENSIVE SPEED

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As a real offensive weapon, the Victas V > 15 Extra was introduced to the market in June 2015. It is a high-end table tennis rubber which is particularly designed for aggressive attackers.

One feature of the V > 15 Extra is the hard sponge (47.5° with large, open pores) allowing for an enormous potential when hitting the ball in a hard manner. Furthermore, this TT rubber has a very spinny topsheet whose positive effects particularly become evident when playing counter-topspins.

The Victas V > 15 Extra is comparable to the Victas V > 01, however, the Extra is even faster! You can only activate the full potential of this rubber when rigorously playing forward. During the passive game you can only control/dominate this extreme rubber by means of the necessary amount of feeling for the ball. There is a reason as to why the Victas V > 15 Extra is only available at 2.0 mm and Max (sponge thickness). A thickness of 1.8 mm is not worth it.

If this table tennis rubber is too fast for you, we recommend you to consider the Victas V > 01 Stiff, or the Victas V > 01 Limber. Compared to the Victas V > 01, the V > 15 Extra is -again- a bit faster.

Victas rubbers are becoming more and more popular. Their manufacturing process (ESN) provides all the necessary ingredients the modern table tennis player needs. Below you can find an overview of all rubbers from this product family:

  • Victas V > 01: This table tennis rubber has a medium+ sponge, is very fast, and very popular!
  • Victas V > 01 Stiff: An offensive rubber with sufficient control.
  • Victas V > 01 Limber: Compared to the 01 Stiff, this rubber exhibits even more control. Still fast!
  • Victas VS > 401: Control first! This is the credo of this TT rubber, suitable for pure allrounders (All).
The V 15 series is the latest one stemming from this family. Regarding the development of speed and spin, this series gets the most out of the rubber:

  • Victas V > 15 Limber: This rubber has a 40° sponge, exhibits a long ball contact time, a rich sound, and behaves comfortably fast.
  • Victas V > 15 Extra: A table tennis rubber for a purely offensive gaming style. This is the fastest, and hardest of all Victas rubbers.
Any more questions regarding the Victas V > 15 Extra? We try to provide the best possible service by using a detailed product description, and by compiling a summary table regarding all Victas rubbers (including manufacturer specifications). If you are still having questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. We are very happy to answer your questions!

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