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Joola Rhyzm Tech - Tischtennisbelag

  • Joola Rhyzm Tech - Tischtennisbelag

Quick Overview

The "catapult machine" within this product series is called Joola Rhyzm Tech. The hardness of this rubber (42.5°) suggests a suitability for the Off- gaming style. However, the extreme catapult effect makes the Rhyzm Tech also suitable for attacking players (especially on the backhand) who use direct blocks to score.

  • designed for counter-attackers and block players

  • medium-hard rubber with an extreme catapult effect

  • coarse-pored sponge does not reduce spin development

Joola Rhyzm Tech - Table tennis rubber

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In 2015, Joola did not "inundate" the market with a multitude of rubbers. With the Joola Rhyzm Tech, the development was directed specifically to block players and counter-attackers who prefer an extensive catapult effect.

Except for an unconditional support of rotation and spin (no matter what situation you are in), this rubber exhibits an extreme catapult effect which is particularly beneficial for topspin players.

The Joola Rhyzm Tech is a true catapult machine! The arriving ball deeply penetrates into the rubber which then maximally catapults the ball away from the bat. The Rhyzm Tech table tennis rubber has a sponge which exhibits even larger pores than the other alternatives within the Rhyzm series:

  • Joola Rhyzm: A very direct rubber which is characterized by a strong catapult effect. Hardness: 48°, OFFENSIVE!
  • Joola Rhyzm P: This offensive table tennis rubber focuses on spin. Hardness: 45°.
  • Joola Rhyzm Tech: An offensive TT rubber, with an extreme catapult effect! Hardness: 42.5°.
  • Joola Rhyzm 425: This rubber has a good compromise between speed and control. Hardness: 42.5°.
  • Joola Rhyzm 375: There are two main characteristics of this rubber: Joy of playing, and feeling! Quite a soft rubber (hardness: 37.5°).
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