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Joola Rhyzm - Tischtennisbelag

  • Joola Rhyzm - Table tennis rubber

Quick Overview

Today almost a real classic! The Joola Rhyzm!

  • large-pored, hard sponge

  • tight, catchy topsheet

  • designed for offensive players using hard topspins and shots close to the table, or from the half distance

JOOLA RHYZM - Our recommendation for the gaming style OFFENSIVE SPEED

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With the Joola Rhyzm, the German company Joola from Siebeldingen (probably) created their best-sold offensive rubber with integrated speed-gluing effect (as of 2015). What are the reasons for this highly positive development?

For one thing Joola was able to create a table tennis rubber within their range of products which really makes you forget the speed-gluing! By means of the hard (sponge hardness: 48°) large-pored sponge, this TT rubber particularly fascinates players who rely on speed and catapult-like effects during their game.

The Rhyzm is designed for the fast game close to the table. However, this rubber is also suitable for occasional duels from the half distance. Overall, for these tactics the Joola Rhyzm provides optimal properties. This TT rubber is good and easy to play with when doing short-short strokes. It is also perfect for shots and hard topspins. As the name already suggests, the Joola Rhyzm brings rhythm into your game. In terms of the sponge hardness, it ranks at the top front within this rubber series. Below you can find all Rhyzm rubbers (sorted by hardness):
  • 48° = Joola Rhyzm - This rubber focuses on speed.
  • 45° = Joola Rhyzm P - This TT rubber focuses on spin.
  • 42,5° = Joola Rhyzm 425 - The 425 exhibits a good compromise between speed and control.
  • 37,5° = Joola Rhyzm 375 - This rubber has its focus on a great feeling for the ball.
The following promotional video from Joola further highlights the differences:

TT-Shop.com recommends the Rhyzm for players with a high and regular training schedule. This is because this rubber is hard, fast, and very direct. This, however, happens at the expense of control. Therefore, one needs much experience in order to be able to control this rubber.

In case you need more feeling, we recommend you to choose a softer rubber, such as the Joola Rhyzm 425. For a maximum ball control, including the unique Rhyzm feeling, the Joola Rhyzm 375 is the perfect partner. In case you are searching for optimal spin characteristics, the Joola Rhyzm P might indeed be the right choice for you. With the Joola Rhyzm Tech, there is a TT rubber available on the market which predominantly exhibits MUCH catapult.

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