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Donic Coppa Tagora

  • Donic Coppa Tagora

Quick Overview

The Donic Coppa Tagora is a table tennis rubber which unites the positive properties of the Donic Coppa, and the softer Coppa Tenero. The Coppa Tagora is the healthy mediocrity between the speed of the Coppa, and the control and feeling for the ball of the Coppa Tenero. To make this possible, Donic used a highly catchy and elastic topsheet, and a highly elastic Japanese soft sponge. These ingredients make this TT rubber unique!

  • topsheet is characterized by much grip, and elasticity

  • soft sponge with a massive catapult-effect

  • always provides excellent feel for the ball, and much control

  • develops enough speed for powerful topspins, blocks, and hard shots

  • a suitable rubber for variable attackers, and dynamic allrounders

Donic Coppa Tagora - Table tennis rubber

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The Donic Coppa Tagora is a rubber providing a harmonic mixture of speed, spin, and control. This table tennis rubber unites the ball control of the Coppa Tenero, and the speed of the Coppa!

The Coppa Tagora is equipped with a very soft Japanese soft sponge which always makes you experience the best possible feeling for the ball, no matter what situation you are in. Additionally, the sponge is extremely elastic, and exhibits a strong catapult-effect. This is very beneficial when doing offensive moves: The ball experiences a strong acceleration, which allows dynamic topspins, shots, and powerful blocks. In order to be able to develop sufficient spin, the Donic Coppa Tagora has a highly catchy and spin-elastic topsheet. This enables a great spin development which is very important when playing rotational topspins, flips, or backspin.

You can see that the Donic Coppa Tagora table tennis rubber optimally supports a wide range of different techniques. Hence, this TT rubber is perfect for a flexible attacking game, or for an active allround game.

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