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Robopro Master von Tibhar

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  • Robopro Master von Tibhar

Quick Overview

With the Tibhar Robo Pro Master, the combination of high quality, functionality, and easy operation was successfully achieved. However, these features have their price. For beginners, and -of course- advanced players or pros, the Robo Pro Master is a table tennis robot which proudly shows its skills:

  • easy and quick assembly, good operability

  • automated ball return

  • 2 ball ejection heads, individually controllable

  • 10 speeds and ball ejection frequencies

  • 9 different spin types, and much more

  • 30 pre-programmed settings with high precision

  • construction was changed to suit the new plastic balls

Hint: The delivery includes a pack of Tibhar Basic Syntt NG plastic training balls (72 pieces)!

Tibhar Robo Pro Master - Pure quality!

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Tibhar Robo Pro Master - The Royal Class of Tibhar

The Tibhar Robo Pro Master is definitely the top class of table tennis robots. The broad range of functions and the high quality are indeed not inexpensive. However, it is highly unlikely to experience a disappointment when choosing the Tibhar Robo Pro Master.

Tibhar Robo Pro Master - "Master": That´s no coincidence!alt text

The Tibhar Robo Pro Master is a table tennis machine which is probably the best Tibhar can offer right now. The Master is the further development of the Robo Pro Genius and, hence, also known to be very robust, and of high quality. The Robo Pro Master is also easy and quick to assemble.

The delivery also includes a net which collects the balls, and the automated ball return system. Another striking feature are the two ejection heads. These allow the table tennis robot to serve e.g. topspin and backspin balls in an alternating manner. In total, this robot provides 9 different spin versions for each head:

  • without spin
  • topspin
  • backspin
  • left/right spin
  • topspin with right/left spin
  • backspin with right/left spin
The balls can be served in 10 different speed levels, and in 10 ejecting frequencies which range from 25 to 95 balls per minute. Additionally, this table tennis machine can serve direct, and indirect balls. The Robo Pro Master can place the ball at 11 different spots.

But this is not all! One can adjust the angle of the trajectory. In general, the balls exhibit a very high and repeatable precision. The 30 pre-programmed exercises are a nice feature, and the ball compartment comprises almost 100 balls (with a ball diameter of 40 mm).

It can be concluded from this section that the Tibhar Robo Pro Master is a TT robot which meets the highest quality standards. Note that the Master is not only suitable for advanced players and pros, but also for beginners.

Tibhar Robo Pro Master - This is important!

Also an upper class must be looked after in order to avoid malfunctions, and to ensure durability. This includes not only a cleaned Tibhar Robo Pro Master, but also clean balls. This is essential so that the requirements in terms of precision, spin, speed etc. are met. If you consider this, you will have much fun with your Robo Pro Master for a long time!

The Tibhar Robo Pro Master is a ping pong machine which is almost a real allrounder, no matter if beginner or pro! This table tennis robot exhibits a high processing quality and performance. Whoever can raise the money definitely doesn't do anything wrong when buying the Robo Pro Master from Tibhar.

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