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Tibhar Genius - Tischtennisbelag

  • Tibhar Genius - Table Tennis Rubber

Quick Overview

The Tibhar Genius is a table tennis rubber which is designed to appeal to players who build their game based on spinny topspins. One particularly positive feature of this rubber is the balanced ratio between spin, speed, and control. Hence, the Tibhar Genius is preferred by many players:

  • optimized for spin, arcuate (curved) trajectory, steep bounce angle

  • medium sponge, good compromise between speed and control

  • for spin-oriented offensive artists

  • Tibhar technologies: SPI - Speedeffect Inside, and Optra - Optimized Trajectory

Tibhar Genius - Table tennis rubber

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Due to customer demands, the Tibhar Genius was designed for spin. This not only favors very rotational serves and topspins, but also returns and backspin balls can now be played with more spin and rotation.

This extra amount of spin also means that the ball leaves the topsheet at a steeper angle. Considering topspins, this leads to a curved trajectory of the ball.

The Tibhar Genius is the successful creation of a table tennis rubber which is very suitable for those players who build their game based on dynamic topspins with much spin and rotation.

If you feel that the Tibhar genius is a little bit too hard (despite the medium sponge), TT-SHOP.COM recommends the Tibhar Genius+ Optimum. This TT rubber is even more spinny, exhibits an equally hard sponge, however, a softer topsheet, and less control. The Tibhar Genius Sound is the soft version: More feeling for the ball is one credo of this rubber. The Tibhar Genius+ Optimum Sound is a bit faster, and more spinny compared to the Genius Sound.

The following promotional video presents all 4 versions of this rubber family:

The bottom line is that the Tibhar Genius is the fastest and best selling rubber of this series. The other rubbers exhibit differences as follows:

  • Tibhar Genius: The fastest rubber of this series. Gaming system: Offensive Plus (Off+).
  • Tibhar Genius+ Optimum: This TT rubber exhibits the same hardness of the sponge as the Genius, however, the topsheet is somewhat softer. Gaming system: Offensive (Off).
To whom is the Tibhar Genius simply too ingenious? Many like this rubber, some are possibly not getting quite along with it. This is normal, and for this reason, we provide you an overview of all of our Tibhar rubbers.

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