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Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon

  • Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon
  • Offensive Classic Carbon
  • Stiga Holz Offensive Classic Carbon
  • Tischtennisholz Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon

Quick Overview

Although the name Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon might make you assume that this table tennis blade is a very fast attacking blade, it is predominantly designed for All+ or Off- gaming styles. Exhibiting a good control, this blade is very suitable for offensive artists who are still relying on safety:

  • 5+2 veneers

  • approx. 85g

  • gaming system: Off-

  • direct table tennis blade, but still with good ball feedback, and feeling

  • elevated and enlarged sweet spot induced by Carbon

Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon - An offensive table tennis blade

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The Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon is a table tennis blade which is very popular since many years. It is based on the good overall properties of the Offensive Classic, and was further developed according to the needs of modern allrounders who frequently take the initiative toward offensive moves. In terms of this, the Offensive Classic Carbon was improved regarding speed, and penetrating power. Its structure is based on a 5+2 veneer system which is typical for Carbon-integrated blades. The core veneer of course keeps the properties of the Offensive Classic (OC). Regarding the Stiga Offensive Carbon table tennis blade, one can literally feel the increased stiffness with every stroke you do, however, without significantly losing control. Each ball contact is very direct, and this blade always provides good feedback.

The Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon is a controlled attacking blade available on the market, and, in terms of its construction, this blade is an example for many competitors. The thoroughly chosen veneers are in very good harmony with each other. Especially the quite fast and hard strokes are simultaneously providing a good feedback of the ball, which is quite unique considering Carbon blades. Compared to many other table tennis blades with similar properties, the Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon also convinces by its great price-performance ratio.

The Classic series from the house of Stiga has many names, and was always further developed in order to meet various needs and requirements. Below you can find a short overview:

  • Stiga Offensive Classic: One of the most popular table tennis blades of all times. Gaming style: Allround plus (All+).
  • Stiga Offensive Classic WRB: The further development of the Offensive Classic, with focus on a low weight, and top-heaviness. Gaming system: Offensive minus (Off-).
  • Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon: A Carbon blade within this series cannot be missing! Gaming style: Offensive minus (Off-), however, it is faster than the OC WRB.

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