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Donic Quattro A'Conda Medium

  • Donic Quattro A'Conda Medium

Quick Overview

The Donic Quattro A`conda Medium is quite similar to the A`conda Soft. However, as may be suspected considering its name, it is equipped with a different sponge support. Because of this, variations in spin and "own" attacks are a bit easier to perform and, hence, more effective. For this reasons, this rubber is of course slightly faster and more difficult to be controlled and mastered as compared to the Soft version. Still, the A`conda Medium is equally impressive regarding its spin potential:

  • soft and catchy surface causing an incredible spin

  • medium hard sponge provides much control and sufficient speed

  • safe and controlled gaming behavior when playing passive strokes

  • enables dangerous changes of spin and unexpected attacks

  • perfect for passive allrounders or modern defenders

Donic Quattro A'conda Medium - Our recommendation for allrounders and defenders

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Allrounder and defending players need a rubber which not only provides a high level of safety and ball control, but also which offers the option to play occasional topspins or counter attacks. One solution fulfilling these requirements is the Donic Quattro A`conda Medium.

Due to the FAKTIS technology there is a kind of harmonic unit which is based on topsheet and sponge. Similar to the A´conda Soft, the topsheet consists of natural rubber. Hence, the surface of this rubber is quite soft and very catchy. This results in the ability to play defending strokes with lots of spin, which usually results in some wins. Although the sponge of the A´conda Medium is medium hard, it provides a pleasant feeling for the ball, resulting in much safety and control. Compared to the Soft rubber, the A´conda Medium exhibits a slightly harder sponge, resulting in an improved ability to exert pressure toward the opponent. Not only disturbing/confusing changes in spin, but also highly rotational topspins and counter attacks are performed very well using this rubber.

This is what makes the Donic Quattro A`conda Medium to the ideal rubber for variable allround and defending players, who want to surprise the opponent by means of offensive actions.

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