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Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin Schläger

  • Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin Bät
  • Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin

Quick Overview

The table tennis racket Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin is compiled by TT-SHOP.COM. Our aim was to create a bat designed for attacking players, who aim to score with highly rotational topspins. The individual components are as follows:

  • RRP of the manufacturer: 70 Euro

  • Blade: Stiga Offensive Classic (flared or straight)

  • Rubber 1: Tibhar Evolution MX S (sponge thickness 2.0 mm)

  • Rubber 2: Tibhar Evolution FX S (sponge thickness: 2.0 mm)

  • all products are BEST-SELLER

  • this bat provides advantages when playing clever serves, and topspins rich in rotation

  • gaming style: Offensive spin

Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin - Our Tip for an Offensive Spin

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The table tennis bat Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin

There should always be much thought and time regarding the choice of a TT bat. The Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin is optimized for spin. If your game consists of a good serve, topspins with many variants plus a high degree of spin, and if you exhibit more penetrating power on your forehand compared to your backhand, you´ll be very lucky with the Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin.

There was a reason to choose the individual components made by Stiga and Tibhar, which are listed here. Based on experience, Stiga provides the largest offer and the best quality regarding TT blades. Tibhar turned out to be a highly reliable partner regarding high-quality TT rubbers. The blade, combined with these rubbers, was tested (not only by us) several times, and the harmony between blade and rubbers is indeed unique and clearly obvious.

The properties of the three products are the following: Information regarding the blade: Stiga Offensive Classic

The table tennis blade Stiga Offensive Classic has a very long tradition. The official year of birth is 1967. At that time, there was just one type for several types of players, called Stiga European Champion. Based on different veneer thicknesses and different quality levels of the veneers, an allround or offensive blade was created. By now, the blade is created in an allround and offensive way, which is done as standard. The Stiga Offensive Classic unites all properties of a controllable offensive blade in the offensive minus (OFF-) area of application. The handle may be selected as flared - thick, or straight. From experience, most players prefer the flared handle, but this is a matter of feeling.

Rubber 1: Tibhar Evolution MX S – Spin & Power united

The TT rubber Tibhar Evolution MX S is on the market since 2015. By the way, most players under contract with Tibhar play this rubber. Its greatest strength is the high amount of topspin at fast balls. Because of the hardness of the sponge, balls only have a short contact time with the bat and the energy of the stroke will directly be forwarded. The catchy, high-friction surface of the rubber, combined with a moderate catapult effect, makes this bat perfect for powerful topspins and highly rotational strokes.

Rubber 2: Tibhar Evolution FX S – Spin & Feeling united

The choice to use the rubber FX S from the evolution series made by Tibhar was not without its reasons. Using the Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin, the aim was to create a product providing always a bit more spin compared to other, conventionally compiled TT bats. The Tibhar Evolution FX S is a great counterpart to its harder equivalent, the Evolution MX S. Commonly, the MX S is used at the forehand, whereas the FX S is used at the backhand. By this, the forehand offers more penetrating power. The backhand acts very safe and in a quite controlled manner, however, always ready to play the extra amount of spin. What else has to be considered when playing the Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin?

If desired, every bat will be mounted by experienced pros and will also be equipped with edge-banding tape. Both components (blade and rubber) are optimally harmonized, resulting in a perfect feedback at ball contact. Optionally, you can choose a low-price set to care and maintain your rubbers. Interesting facts regarding the bat "Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin"

The Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin was compiled based on TT-SHOP.COM and also based on a selection of experienced players and coaches. Its individual components are top-sellers, also enabling to rely on customer´s and personal experience when compiling this bat. It is our clear recommendation to seal the blade. This protects from damaging the blade when removing the rubbers. If you choose the option "Assemble ordered rubbers", the edge-banding tape will also be mounted.

Other table tennis bats of this product family

In total, there are six table tennis bat, which are recommendations of TT-SHOP.COM. The individual components (rubbers and blade) are best sellers of this shop. Hence, we receive much feedback from our customers also promoting our recommendation. The bat "Stiga Offensive Evolution Spin" is perfect for success based on attacks and high degrees of spin. Since every player develops her/his own, individual style, we also recommend you to check out others of our "perfectly fitting table tennis bats":

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