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Stiga Mantra M

  • Stiga Mantra M

Quick Overview

The characteristics of the Stiga Mantra M can be described using the words medium-hard, catapult, and made in Japan.

  • integrated speed-gluing effect made in Japan

  • succesful mixture of a new catapult-effect, control, and high penetrating power when doing aggressive attacks

  • medium hard sponge, resulting in a longer ball contact time and MORE control

  • gaming-system: controlled offensive

  • especially suitable for: blocks and passive balls, which provide an increased speed due to the integrated catapult-effect

  • also suitable for player who are acting from the half-distance

Stiga Mantra M

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The Stiga Mantra M is equipped with the latest technology, so that this table tennis rubber is comparable to best-sellers using the ESN technology. Although Stiga rubbers do enjoy a quite good reputation in Germany, they are still not as popular as for example the Bluefires, Rasants, or Rhyzms. This can be changed considering the Mantra series! The trend concerning the development of rubbers shows into the direction to constantly improve the quality of speed-gluing effects (sponge). ESN trusts on continually maximizing the catapult-effect of the corresponding rubbers.

The Stiga Mantra M, the medium-hard version within this rubber series, symbolizes the ideal of a rubber with catapult-effects. Especially when doing blocks there is a huge dynamics. This causes the ball to be catapulted away from the rubber, with almost no effort. This technological detail allows completely new moves and strategies. Particularly during passive situations, there is the possibility to exert much pressure even with short arm movements. The Stiga Mantra M sets standards, which is a clear sign towards the world of ESN rubbers. So can we - Made in Japan is coming!

The "M" stands for a medium hardness of the sponge. The Stiga Mantra M, therefore, is the elastic middle: Suitable for offensive, but also for safety-conscious attackers. With respect to speed, the Mantra M is somewhat slower compared to the H. The Mantra S is more controlled.

What rubbers are there?
  • Stiga Mantra S: Hogh control due to the long ball contact time.
  • Stiga Mantra M: Compromise between speed and control.
  • Stiga Mantra H: Hardest and most direct rubber from this series.

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