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Stiga Intensity NCT

  • Stiga Intensity NCT
  • Intensity NCT
  • Stiga Blade Intensity NCT
  • Stiga Intensity NCT - Table tennis blade

Quick Overview

The Stiga Intensity NCT is a table tennis blade which combines the Nano Composite Technology (NCT) with thoroughly chosen veneers made of natural wood:

  • an offensive blade with a variable range of application

  • relatively light (85g)

  • 5 veneers made of natural wood

  • fine dosage in terms of speed, and control

  • gaming system: variable offensive

Stiga Intensity NCT - Table tennis blade

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The Stiga Intensity NCT is promoted as the low-weight weapon of the 21st century. Indeed, weighing only 85 g, it is relatively light. Maybe you have also heard that many light table tennis blades are said to be low quality blades. Among some experts and collectors, heavy blades are even considered as rare and, hence, valuable and expensive. Please let us assure you that this is definitely NOT the case considering the Intensity NCT! Quite the contrary: Due to its lower weight and due to the other positive properties, many players consider the Intensity NCT highly pleasant.

The Stiga Intensity NCT has a veneer structure based on 5 plies. The attachment and structure of these 5 layers make this blade an offensive blade with a very variable range of application. Particularly noteworthy are the advantages in terms of spin, and the balanced ratio between speed and control. Under normal circumstances, this is a contradiction. Therefore, such offensive blades exhibiting such a high speed (as it is present in the Intensity NCT) are usually only recommended for players with a high training workload, much experience, and quite a high gaming level.

Hence, of course, one has to be able to control the immense power of this blade. In contrast to many other offensive blades with this speed characteristic, however, the Swedish company Stiga was able to integrate a clearly perceivable feedback of the ball. This results in a good control, although the speed is really high. In particular, variably acting attackers will have lots of fun when using the Stiga Intensity NCT. For your information: In this TT blade, the special Nano Composite Technology (NCT) was used in order to optimally attune/match the individual veneers with each other (in terms of hardness, and gluing).

In the course of the years, several Intensity blades were developed. These are:

  • Stiga Intensity NCT: A TT blade with a balanced ratio between speed, and control.
  • Stiga Intensity NCT Carbon: By means of carbon the speed was further increased. Hence, this blade corresponds to the gaming style "uncompromising offensive".
By the way: Some Stiga contract players use(d) the Stiga Intensity NCT. The most prominent one among them is probably Xu Xin:

Attention: Upgrade! Meanwhile he uses the Rosewood NCT V!

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