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Stiga Defensive Wood NCT

  • Stiga Defensive Wood NCT
  •  Defensive Wood NCT
  • table tennis blade - Stiga Defensive Wood NCT
  • TT Blade Stiga Defensive

Quick Overview

During the last couple of years, there were substantial changes regarding defenders and a defensive gaming style. Nowadays, a pure defending style is rare, and only used by a few people. In terms of the Stiga Defensive Wood NCT, special attention was paid to an inclusion of offensive characteristics, plus much feeling:

  • 5 soft veneers made of natural wood

  • weight approx. 85 g

  • great control

  • defending blade with extraordinary design

  • NCT technology (especially treated finishing veneers, with positive effects when playing attacking strokes)

  • gaming system: Defensive Plus!

STIGA DEFENSIVE WOOD NCT - Our recommendation for the gaming style DEFENSIVE

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The Defensive Wood NCT from the house of Stiga is a modern and forward-thinking defending blade, which is also suitable for attacking strokes. The Wood NCT table tennis blade convinces by its design. It also promotes safety, and naturalness (typical for Stiga are the natural, untreated colors of the woods used for the blades). Initially, defensive blades always exhibited an enlarged head of the bat, and very low speeds in order to guarantee much control. In contrast, the Stiga Defensive Wood NCT was designed to deliberately make this blade also suitable for players who are not only pure defenders. Of course, a pure defending gaming style at both hands (FH, BH) is also possible using this blade: It provides a phenomenal control for each stroke you do. But, it also provides sufficient offensive force to take the initiative when necessary.

When doing attacking strokes, the behavior of the Stiga Defensive Wood NCT was deliberately modified using the Nano Composite Technology (NCT). By means of nanotechnology, the finishing veneer is hardened. The slight increase in hardness results in a more direct and powerful behavior when doing offensive moves. Note that despite the NCT treatment, there is no decrease in control! The Stiga Defensive Wood is, hence, especially suitable for safely acting allrounders, and for defenders who like to counter-attack from time to time.

In total, 9 Stiga blades were equipped with the NCT technology. Each of these blades offers a unique feeling for the game:

  • Stiga Defensive Wood NCT: This table tennis blade was just mentioned above. It provides best control for a defending gaming style, but also a good behavior when doing offensive moves.
  • Stiga Allround Wood NCT: This TT blade is a typical allround blade, equipped with NCT treated finishing veneers.
  • Stiga Offensive Wood NCT: A classical attacking blade, with NCT treatment (harder finishing veneers).
  • Stiga Rosewood NCT V: An offensive blade, but still providing much feeling.
  • Stiga Ebenholz NCT V: This table tennis blade made of ebony was developed before the Rosewood series. It is a bit faster and harder, whereas control properties do not suffer.
  • Stiga Intensity NCT Carbon: Intensity with every rally. The inclusion of carbon results in an intensive touch.
  • Stiga Rosewood NCT VII: The fastest Rosewood blade.
  • Stiga Ebenholz NCT VII: This ebony blade is the fastest one, even faster than the Rosewood NCT VII.

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