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Kinder Tischtennisschläger

  • Donic Vario Soft - Kinder Tischtennisbelag
  • Donic Waldner Youngstar - Kinderholz
  • Tischtennis Kinderschläger mit Vario Soft Belägen
  • Kinder Tischtennisschläger mit Palio Belägen
  • Kinder Tischtennisschläger

Quick Overview

TT-SHOP.COM brought a table tennis bat on the market, which is made for kids and which is also suitable for starting your activity in a club. The pre-set bat is our recommendation for kids for a good start in a table tennis club.

Who wants to know more about table tennis bats should read through the whole product description. This is important because this bat for kids can be configured individually with respect to the blade and rubber, according to the anatomy and further needs. The basis of this bat is the blade, which can be selected as follows:

  • Donic Waldner Youngstar: Allround, RRP 25.90 €

  • Donic Persson Youngstar: Off-, RRP 25.90 €

  • Stiga Allround Classic, flared - narrow, RRP 31.90 €

  • Stiga Offensive Classic, flared - narrow, RRP 39.90 €

Every blade may be equipped with a red and black rubber on both sides, respectively. Rubbers available: Donic Vario Soft (RRP 32.90 Euro), or the Palio CJ 8000 Spin (RRP 17.99 €. Those rubbers:

  • are especially designed for beginners

  • provide lots of spin, are very catchy

  • provide best prerequisites to learn and confine table tennis techniques

Table tennis bat for kids

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For a long time there were no real table tennis rackets for kids. Kids had to use bats for adults, and those were just too heavy and too large. But now, TT-SHOP.COM does offer a TT bat especially compiled for kids! For kids with ambitions, we recommend -as a start- the blade "Donic Waldner Youngstar", combined with the rubber " Palio CJ 8000 Extreme Spin". For juveniles, we recommend the same bat, however, using a larger blade: The Stiga Allround Classic. Please keep reading! Below we provide a detailed explanation why you should not buy a cheap, finally assembled (ready-to-play) bat for about 10-30 Euro.

Table tennis bats for kids – Inexpensive, but high quality!

A tip for you: There are bats for hobby and recreation which you can buy for as little as 10 Euro. However, everybody who is thinking about joining a TT club, should take into account the quality of the equipment. Otherwise, you´ll pay twice! Among others, the main drawback of those cheap bats available in large stores is that the rubbers cannot be removed easily from the blade. The TT racket for kids available here overcomes this issue. Also, the blade will be selected according to the rubbers separately, which enables promoting the tendencies and strengths of each kid.

Another advantage: The bat grows with the kid! If the player is becoming better, you will have to adapt the material. At this stage, many players buy a new and complete bat – this is not necessary with our bat for kids: Both rubbers (forehand and backhand) can easily be removed (provided the blade was sealed) and replaced by another rubber, which better resembles the kid´s gaming style and progress. For example, a catchier, spin-friendlier and faster rubber may be necessary. Therefore, there is no need to spend like 80 Euro or more for a new bat. There are high-quality rubbers for 20-30 Euro (RRP) each.

 Vario Soft Belag für Kinder

The rubber which you can see in this picture is called Donic Vario Soft. This rubber is highly suitable to learn and consolidate new techniques in kid and juvenile training. This is especially true for the following techniques: Chopped balls, counter, block, "shot", and topspin, probably the most difficult technique.

The price of the whole bat including the rubbers is 69.90 Euro.

Compared to the rubber CJ 8000 Spin (listed further below), the quality and durability of this rubber is superior. The technology is more sophisticated and this rubber is produced in Japan. Donic is one of the leading table tennis brands in Germany, and has a good reputation worldwide.

Palio CJ 8000 Spin

The rubber you can see here is the Palio CJ 8000 Extreme Spin. Of course, the phrase "Extreme Spin" is also a marketing strategy. But considering its low price (17.90, RRP), the quality of this rubber is overwhelming! This rubber is perfect if you plan your start at a club, especially, if you don´t want to dig too deep into your pocket. As with the Donic Vario Soft, this rubber is evenly suitable to learn all relevant techniques. The limitation of the CJ 8000 Extreme Spin is when playing demanding techniques, such as counter topspin, or very fast and hard topspins following backspin.

The price of this bat for kids when choosing these rubbers is 49.90 Euro.

As soon as the gaming properties improve considerably, this rubber can easily be replaced by other Japanese or German high-quality products. In such cases, you can keep the blade (blade sealing provided!) without loss of quality. The CJ 8000 is one of the best-selling table tennis rubbers made in China. It is elastic, provides good control, and enables much spin. The brand "Palio" is very popular, especially in China, but its popularity also increases in Germany.

The table tennis bat for kids, compiled by TT-SHOP.COM, takes various aspects into account:
  • small hands of kids
  • variability while developing an individual style
  • light table tennis bat by smaller bat head
  • optimal feeling of the ball
  • special rubbers to learn all techniques
  • reduced price to promote youth work in clubs

We achieved those requirement by an optimal adaptation of the blade and rubbers, according to the needs of beginners and kids/juveniles with varying anatomical properties. The utilization of light and elastic veneers (for each pre-set blade), as well as the options regarding the rubbers, make this TT bat unique.

Table tennis bat for kids – One product, many possibilities

Every player is different from another player due to "anatomical reasons". As a kid, the body still grows and this process is not completed at this age. With our TT bat for kids, we take this consideration into account.

Table tennis is a very sensitive sport: Small things, milliseconds, and extremely fast reflexes may decide between victory and defeat. When holding a bat in your hand, often the form of the handle is the first impression. The handle is dependent on the blade you chose.

Tips regarding the choice of the blade

The size of the hand differs from child to child and from adolescent to adolescent. For this reason, we provide four blades, two which represent the allround style (ALL), and 2 representing the offensive minus style (OFF-). The blades for kids from the house of Donic have a shorter handle, hence being perfect for small hands. The blades from the house of Stiga have a larger handle, but its form is flared and narrow (by the way, many adults also prefer this type of handle).

Bat 1: Allround Table Tennis Bat for Kids

 Children TT Blade Waldner Youngstar

When choosing an allround table tennis bat for kids, we recommend to use the blade "Donic Waldner Youngstar". This blade offers high control and all of the above mentioned advantages of a smaller head, a narrow and flared handle, and it is also very light. This blade is a typical allround blade.

In addition, there is a red and black rubber, mounted on the forehand and backhand. For this rubber, we recommend two possibilities: The Donic Vario Soft, or the Palio CJ 8000 Extreme Spin. Both are high-quality rubbers (see description above).

Bat 2: Table Tennis Bat for Kids: Controlled Offensive

 Kinderholz Persson Youngstar

Regarding a TT racket for kids for the controlled offensive style, we recommend the blade Donic Persson Youngstar. It is faster and less controllable than the Waldner Youngstar. In this case, less controllable doesn´t mean it is hard to play. As a controllable offensive blade, it is still good regarding its controllability. Unfortunately, the words speed and control contradict each other. The art of the manufacturer is to find the optimal compromise between speed and control. This was achieved successfully considering the Donic Persson Youngstar. The Waldner Youngstar offers more control, the Persson Youngstar offers more penetrating power.

Bat 3: Table Tennis Bat for Teens and Adolescents

Stiga Allround Classic The TT blade described here, recommended for teens and adolescents, is called Stiga Allround Classic. It is a bestseller and one of the top-selling blades worldwide. This blade is used by many players (also adults) when starting in a table tennis club. This blade is very balanced, very light, and offers a sophisticated structure of its veneers, which is based on a long-lasting experience. This results in a very secure and very controllable feeling. This blade belongs to the category "Allround".

Since this offer relates to a bat designed for kids and adolescents, the form of the handle may be flared - narrow. With this type of handle, most players perform very well. So why should this be different for adolescents?

Bat 4: Table Tennis Bat for Adolescents, Controlled Offensive

Stiga Offensive Classic

For adolescents and teenagers, who are having a good level already and who often start to attack out of a secure and controlled situation, we recommend the blade "Stiga Offensive Classic". This blade is used by many adults, up to the regional league. It is one of the most balanced blades, and also has a very good price-performance ratio. The Stiga Offensive Classic offers a perfect balance between speed, spin, and control. Hence, it belongs to the categories OFF- / All+. For only 15 additional Euro, this option can also be selected for the bat for kids. Likewise, the handle may be selected as flared - narrow, in order to fulfill the requirements of adolescents and kids.

Important tips when buying rubbers for kids

You may choose from various sponge thicknesses for the TT rubbers Donic vario Soft and Palio CJ 8000 Extreme Spin. Please note that there is the following principle regarding rubbers:
  • the thinner, the more control
  • the thicker, the less control
  • the thinner, the slower
  • the thicker, the faster

When choosing a bat for kids it is recommended to consider the style of the kid. The TT rubber Donic Vario Soft offers high control and lots of spin. Therefore, all relevant techniques can be learned and refined. When selecting this rubber with a thickness of 2.0 mm, it also provides much potential for a forward game. This also promotes the development and refinement of many techniques. The Palio CJ 8000 Extreme Spin is highly suitable for a low-price start. Considering its low price, the quality of this rubber is excellent.

The blade is the "soul of each table tennis racket". Regarding what blade to choose, we tried to offer you as much information as possible. Especially for kids, the Waldner and Persson blades are ideal, depending on the style. Adolescents, teens or kids with somewhat bigger hands should use blades like Stiga.

More than just an alternative – Inexpensive bats for kids with rubbers made in China

"I don´t even know how long my kid will be interested in table tennis. Maybe in half a year, it´ll be soccer?!"

"Unfortunately", this scenario is coming true sometimes. It is normal that kids try various kinds of sports to see what they enjoy the most.

A table tennis racket for approx. 70 Euro is quite inexpensive. However, there are alternatives even more inexpensive. This can be achieved when using Chinese rubbers instead of the professional rubbers from the house of Donic. For example, when using the Palio CJ 8000 Extreme Spin, you save 20 Euro, resulting in 49.90 Euro in total (pre-setting). The properties of this rubber are not only sufficient to learn new techniques, they are good! so you could start with the Chinese rubber, and change to Donic rubbers after half a year, for example. This change probably becomes necessary as soon as the gaming level is improving considerably. Note that in this case, you would not need to buy a complete new bat! Just change the rubbers.

To all of you not being sure how long you will play, or how good you will play: The above mentioned article can be varied. In the upper right corner, there is a field where you can find "red rubber" and "black rubber". There you can select the Palio CJ 8000 Extreme Spin. This rubber is way more inexpensive than the Donic Vario Soft. Still, the Palio rubber exhibits better properties and a superior quality compared to cheap run-of-the-mill rubbers, e.g. from big stores! Also, the Palio rubber is superior in all aspects when comparing it to other inexpensive alternatives from China. Therefore, TT-SHOP.COM chose this rubber as one of the BEST rubbers made in China.

How to maintain and care for my bat?

A TT racket for the club use is no toy. This should be communicated to your kid. Even though our offer is inexpensive, it is not for free. But you invested this amount into the health and wellbeing of your kid. It would, hence, be a pity if the bat would gather dust in the basement, or if the bat would be damaged on purpose.

Edge banding tape: To prevent such damage, especially at the edges, a protective edge banding tape will be mounted.

Bat case, cleaning spray & cleaning sponge: This can be chosen as an option (on the right, above the symbol of the shopping cart). All components were bought in large quantities, resulting in a very inexpensive selling price. For example, the bat case alone almost costs as much as the complete set (RRP).

Sealing of the blade: As already mentioned, a TT racket for kids grows with them. This can only be achieved when changing the rubbers appropriately. In order to do this easily, the blade should be sealed prior to mounting the rubbers. Otherwise, rubbers are hard to remove and the blade will be damaged. Hence, sealing the blade is our recommendation. This can be selected by using the option "Sealing of blade" (right side above shopping cart).

If you consider all these tips, there will be no problem, and nothing stands in the way of success, talent excepted. This kid definitely has talent:

Alternative to a table tennis bat for kids?

There are approx. 50 table tennis brands. Each brand has 10 to 30 (or more) blades and rubbers. So the world of table tennis is open for you :-)

Over the years, we gathered customer experience and elaborated a good contact to the individual table tennis brands. Our best-selling table tennis bats can be seen . HIER At TT-SHOP.COM you can choose from our best-seller table tennis blades.

All this bats were carefully compiled and are available at reduced prices.

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