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Donic Waldner Youngstar

  • Donic Waldner Youngstar

Quick Overview

This table tennis blade is named after the legendary Jan Ove Waldner. Compared to the Persson Youngstar, the Donic Waldner Youngstar is slower and exhibits a better control:

  • table tennis blade for kids

  • reduced weight (75g), extra narrow handle

  • smaller head of the bat

  • reduced price to promote youth support

  • gaming system: Allround

Donic Waldner Youngstar - Allround table tennis blade for kids

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The Donic Waldner Youngstar is a table tennis blade which is especially designed for kids and young players. Many kids have smaller hands compared to adults, and they do not reach strength levels of adults. Hence, kids often have difficulties when using bats for adults.

Donic recognized this problem, and offers a table tennis blade for kids now. The advantages are:

  • a very thin flared handle, perfect for small children's hands
  • downsized head of the bat, equipped with special low-weight veneers
  • reduced and fair price level to promote youth support
The Donic Waldner Youngstar is perfect to start with table tennis, already at a high level. The most important slogan of this TT blade is: Control over everything else. This is the ideal foundation to learn and acquire various basic techniques. The Waldner Youngstar is an allround table tennis blade, hence, the further development in either direction (offensive, allround, or defensive) is possible. The overall properties of this blade are perfectly attuned which represents another important fact as to why this blade is ideal to learn, acquire, and consolidate all necessary techniques.

There is an alternative to the Donic Waldner Youngstar that has an identical handle, but a different composition of the veneers:

  • Donic Persson Youngstar: This blade is intended for young players and kids at an advanced level who exhibit a controlled offensive gaming style.
Suitable to both TT blades for kids, TT-SHOP.COM offers two complete bats especially designed for kids (in cooperation with Donic). These bats are pre-assembled with two typical rubbers for beginners:

  • Allround table tennis bat for kids: This bat consists of the Donic Waldner Youngstar blade, and 2 Donic Vario Soft rubbers.
  • Offensive-minus table tennis bat for kids: This bat consists of the Donic Persson Youngstar blade, and 2 Donic Vario Soft rubbers.
Both bats for kids are available at much reduced prices. This is because we want to promote youth support and youth development in table tennis! The following link contains the complete bat (completely mounted for immediate usage). Please read our product details:

  • Table tennis bat for kids: Allround or controlled offensive -You can choose, according to the strengths and weaknesses of the player. OUR RECOMMENDATION for kids and adolescents who want to start at a table tennis club --> RRP 101,70 € Special saving to promote youth support! Now for 49.99 Euro or 69.99 Euro (depending on what rubbers you choose).
The rubbers are all good controllable. The fine-tuning is achieved by selecting the sponge thickness. Regarding this, the following applies:

  • the thinner, the more control, and the slower
  • the thicker, the less control, and the faster
The final decision is up to you. However, considering the Donic Waldner Youngstar, there is nothing you can do wrong. Many kids overestimate their skills and capabilities. Hence, it is recommended to use a slower blade in order to optimally learn a clear and efficient technique.

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