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Donic Slice 40 - Tischtennisbelag

  • Donic Slice 40 - Tischtennisbelag

Quick Overview

The Donic Slice 40 is designed for a safe but also dangerous (back)spin defense. This table tennis rubber is optimized for maximal spin, and high control. With these features you can use safe and highly rotational defending strokes from (far) away. In order to effectively disturb the gaming rhythm of your opponent, the Slice 40 also opens possibilities for you to become active yourself.

  • catchy topsheet and special structure of pimples cause much spin

  • relatively soft sponge increases control for all techniques

  • provides maximal safety, and highly effective defending game

  • punish mistakes from your opponent by highly rotational topspins

  • a perfect rubber to provide even more spin and safety for your defense

DONIC SLICE 40 - Our recommendation for the DEFENSIVE style

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Nowadays, table tennis players who are focused on backspin defenses are a real rarity. The Donic Slice 40 is a table tennis rubber, which is specialized just to satisfy such players. The soft topsheet including its pimple structure (which is perfect for the defending game), plus the very soft sponge, enable an astonishing development of spin. This makes it hard for your opponent to be able to accurately assess and judge your defending strokes. Hence, you force your opponent to make relatively easy and avoidable mistakes. In addition to the maximal spin, this TT rubber also provides a large amount of ball safety, which is also a very important characteristic for defensive players.

The thorough coordination between topsheet and sponge support makes you feel the great control, despite the enormous spin potential. Another feature of the Slice 40 is the following: It is not only designed to wait until your opponent is making some mistakes. This rubber also allows you to score by actively exerting pressure on your opponent as soon as there is a possibility. This can be achieved by highly rotational topspins and counter-attacks. The Donic Slice 40 not only improves your spin defense, it also makes your strokes more effective, and more dangerous!

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