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Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft

  • Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft

Quick Overview

Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft - Control during the offensive game, whilst providing sufficient potential for offensive moves. This is the credo of this table tennis rubber.

  • Off- power allround rubber

  • soft sponge induces reasonable speed

  • application: highly flexible

  • test report below!

Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft - Tischtennis Belag

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Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft - Test report

We have tested the Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft for you. But prior to presenting the test results to you, we would like to tell you some things about the actual test person. The test person, Mika Stürmer, is an offensive table tennis player who tries to score by means of the very first opportunity to attack (especially when serving). The forehand is the strength of the test person, and the backhand is somewhat more variable. Not only spinny returns, but also quite powerful blocks are commonly executed. Hence, the backhand rubber is supposed to exhibit sufficient control, but also sufficient speed. We tested for you whether or not the Coppa X2 meets these requirements.

Technical properties of the Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft

This TT rubber consists of a catchy topsheet, and a large-pored, orange-colored sponge. The manufacturer assesses this sponge as being medium. We agree with the manufacturer assessment: This rubber is somewhere between soft and medium-hard. Our tested Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft table tennis rubber (red, 2.0 mm) has a weight of approx. 60 g. Compared to Mika´s forehand rubber (Donic Bluefire M2, almost 80 g), this is less. So Mika was really excited if - or how- this weight difference would affect his performance.

Gaming characteristics of the Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft

Right after starting to play, Mika noticed a relatively direct gaming behavior, although this table tennis rubber has a softer sponge. However, this rubber is not extremely fast.

Counters and shots During counters, Mika was able to take the balls very early. He was still able to play in a very precise manner. Even after increasing the speed, the balls were placed in the corners in a precise way. This was also true for shots. Although there was more physical effort necessary (e.g. compared to the Bluefire M2), most of the high balls were used effectively, and safely.

Topspin As already mentioned, the Coppa X2 does not behave as "soft" as the sponge may suggest. Hence, rotational openers, and powerful "followers" were both easy to execute. The quite direct gaming behavior enabled dynamic topspins which were good to control, and quite precise. Taking together all these properties, the Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft allowed a variable topspin game using the backhand.

Blocks During blocks, the Coppa X2 Platin Soft rubber convinced with a good overall gaming behavior. Not only safe balls, but also hard blocks exhibit enough control using this TT rubber. However, we think the Coppa X2 exhibits a slightly smaller catapult effect compared to comparable rubbers. For this reason, Mika had to be a little bit more active when playing blocks than he was used to.

Serves and returns This rubber enables a large degree of variability which also becomes evident when playing serves, and returns. Not only various types of serves, but also all imaginable returns worked out relatively good. Hence, Mika was able to play flips, short balls, and spin variations following serves in a highly unproblematic and flexible way.

Summary To summarize, Mika addresses the Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft as being an offensive minus, or power-allround rubber. Despite the relatively soft sponge, this table tennis rubber exhibits sufficient speed. When playing, this TT rubber does not feel as soft as it actually is.

The major strength of this rubber is definitely its large variability of stroke versions which can be played safely, but also efficiently. Variable attacks with spinny topspins (or powerful finishers), and flexible serves/returns make your game even more unpredictable. The Coppa X2 Platin Soft is, therefore, neither suitable for extremely offensive players, nor for attacking players relying on extreme spin. This rubber is suitable for players who are in between both extremes.

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