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Donic Coppa Tenero

  • Donic Coppa Tenero

Quick Overview

The Donic Coppa Tenero is the slightly softer version of the classical Donic Coppa, which is popular since many years. The Soft version is only slightly slower, but still provides the same amount of spin. Furthermore, the Coppa Tenero is easier to control compared to the "normal" Coppa. This causes a game which only exhibits a few mistakes of one´s own. Hence, this soft table tennis rubber is just the right choice for variable and active allrounders, who also score during offensive moves using rotational topspins.

  • catchy, elastic topsheet - much potential for spin

  • much control due to soft sponge

  • maximum ball safety no matter what the gaming situation

  • soft topspins with much spin - only little physical effort necessary

  • perfect for variable allrounders or beginners who need much feel for the ball

Donic Coppa Tenero - Table tennis rubber

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If the classical Coppa was a bit too fast for you, you might consider another bestseller, the Donic Coppa Tenero, which is a bit slower. Similarly to the Coppa, the topsheet of this table tennis rubber is very catchy, and elastic. Hence, your topspins will exhibit much rotation!

This makes it way harder for your opponent to successfully block such balls. Since the Coppa Tenero is equipped with a soft sponge, there is a better control and an increased ball safety when playing attacks, and passive strokes. This makes is quite easy for you to answer your opponent´s serves with a variety of returns which exhibit much feeling.

Compared to the "normal" Coppa, also passive blocks can be played even more safely, and more precisely using the Donic Coppa Tenero table tennis rubber. This rubber is particularly worth a recommendation for variable and patient players. Of course, this "easy-to-master" TT rubber is also suitable for beginners, no matter what the age.

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