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Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo

  • Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo

Quick Overview

Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo. If you traced the last product series of this rubber series during the recent years, you probably guessed that this rubber will enter the market in 2016. After the typical Acuda Blue rubbers were praised as rubbers of well-being and pure comfort, an offensive version is now available. The sponge support, but also the topsheet, were modified resulting in a new and unique table tennis rubber which competes against product from Donic itself (such as the Bluefire rubber series)

  • fast and direct table tennis rubber

  • latest ESN technology

  • perfect addition to the typical sensitive and comfy rubbers from the Acuda Blue series --> much more penetrating power!

  • recommendation: Off Plus

Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo - Faster. Harder. Better?

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The development of the Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo makes the Acuda Blue series also attractive for purely offensive players. The other products of this line show soft-touch properties, caused by a soft topsheet. In contrast, the Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo exhibits an increased hardness resulting in increased speed and penetrating power! Hence, the table tennis ball does not penetrate very deep into the rubber, and will be "released" faster. This TT rubber is especially suitable for players who act close to the table, scoring via fast and hard topspins. For a "short-short" game, when getting serves, or during passive strokes this rubber is not easy to control. For the active game, however, it is a real "power" and worth a recommendation.

Now, also aggressive topspin players can profit from the spinny surface of the Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo. Especially when acting close to the table, this rubber provides all characteristics an attacking players desires.

The Acuda Blue series comprises 4 products:

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