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• Table tennis accessories for club players

Table tennis beginners who are new to a table tennis club usually possess a very poor equipment. But the right table tennis equipment is not only important, it is also inexpensive, and has a great benefit for the daily life of table tennis.

Table of contents:
  1. Stowed properly - Table tennis bags, cases ... or maybe a trolley?
  2. Optimal protection for your TT racket by using table tennis cleaners?
  3. Gluing table tennis rubbers yourself, or have them glued?
  4. Other table tennis accessories: Towels / sweatbands against sweating

Stowed properly - Table tennis bags, cases ... or maybe a trolley?

As is shown in this article, there are tons of different table tennis equipments and accessories, which, however, are used by most table tennis club players. In order to be able to transport this equipment, it is - first of all - important to properly store and stow your items.

Table tennis bags - A rough overview

Donic table tennis caseTable tennis bags / suitcases are available in different sizes. For example, the Donic Prism is a TT bag which is made of modern Jacquard polyester. This bag has a large main compartment, in which you can put your shoes, the bat, and so on. There are also 3 side compartments, providing sufficient space for other table tennis equipments and accessories. TT-Shop.com has decided not to offer the whole assortment of all manufacturers, because: First, this is logistically speaking very complex. Second, the quality of the brands is not equally good/high. Hence, we can truly say that all the products we offer convince with a good overall quality!

Trolleys are another possibility to stow and transport your table tennis equipment. In case you don´t want to carry your bag, a trolley - such as the Tibhar Century - is suitable. In a very comfy way you can roll around your heavy bag.

No matter if classical table tennis sports bags, or modern trolleys - the safe and easy stowage of your TT accessories / equipment is decisive. In case you want to take a closer look at table tennis trolleys and bags, please follow this link.

These table tennis cases can be found at tt-shop.com

TT casesThe table tennis racket case or table tennis bat wallet is the next keyword related to table tennis accessories. In order to be able to provide sufficient protection for your ping pong paddle, you will need a protective film or foil, and a suitcase, or a case / wallet. Bat suitcases are particularly stable, break-proof, and elegant. Commonly, these are black- or silver-colored. However, usually only one single TT paddle finds its place. This might be a disadvantage of the racket suitcases.

When using a simple bat case / racket wallet, however, you can also store more than just one table tennis paddle. In this regard, the Donic Scan is a double case which has two compartments (room for two bats). In particular, Donic table tennis cases provide a high degree of breakage protection. But, there are also cheaper bat wallets available, for example from the company Joola (only 5.90 Euro). Initially, these were developed for the hobby and leisure market, but are also popular among professional players.

In our category of table tennis cases / wallets, you can find many different versions, and we are pretty sure that there is an appropriate paddle case suitable for your individual needs, too. At this point, we can clearly recommend the Tibhar Speed bat case (double), which is available at tt-shop.com at a low price.

Table tennis accessories - Small stuff which is needed by many players

The side pockets of the above mentioned sports bags are particularly suitable to store/stow small utensils. These are very manifold, including e.g. notepads, sweatbands, towels, cleaner, spare edge tapes, table tennis glue for emergencies, and so on.

Optimal protection for your TT racket by using table tennis cleaners?

Donic cleaning spongeCleaning table tennis rubbers plays an important role when caring and maintaining the rackets. For this reason, the cleaner and a sponge are a must for an appropriate TT equipment considering ping pong club players. Using a foil or film to optimally protect your rubbers rounds off this whole issue. By the way, the topic cleaning your rubbers was already mentioned in a separate blog post.

Clicking this link you are directed to a detailed consideration of our table tennis cleaners.

Gluing table tennis rubbers yourself, or have them glued?

Regardless of the fact that many customers use our table tennis bat configurator when they buy their first table tennis bat, the rubbers are clearly wear parts. This means that they need to be replaced in regular periods, depending on the intensity and frequency of your training sessions and games. Only then you will experience optimal success and joy of playing.

Power Glue table tennis glueFor your own requirements, a table tennis glue is essential in case you want to replace the rubbers by yourself. It is highly recommended to use a latex glue for modern Tensor rubbers. This is because the rubbers from the Donic Bluefire or the Rasant & Evolution (here only the FXP, ELP, and MXP) series, for example, exhibit large, deep pores. Non-latex-glues and adhesives do not completely fill these deep and large pores up to the top. Hence, it might be the case that the adhesive is in the pores, but not all the way up at the actual contact points between the rubber and the blade: The adhesive film is incomplete, and the rubbers will probably detach over time.

A good example of a latex glue is the rubber adhesive called Revolution No. 3, a real best-seller among all table tennis glues! However, also the Stiga Attach Power Glue, and the Nittaku Finezip are worth a true recommendation!

It makes also sense to acquire a roll to affix the rubbers on the blade, by exerting sufficient and evenly distributed pressure. You can also cut and tailor your new TT rubbers using scissors, or a cutter knife. To achieve an "optical upgrade", and a better protection, we also recommend you to use edge tapes / edge bands for your ping pong racket.

Regarding gluing utensils, TT-Shop.com does not offer all products from all brands - this was done on purpose. Our tests showed that the gluing effect and quality of different brands is quite similar.

Donic table tennis glueFor example, the Donic Vario Clean is suitable to glue "normal" rubbers without integrated speed-gluing effect. By the way, an insider tip is the adhesive called Joola Zoom. This glue is, however, one of the few products which still contains VOC (volatile organic compound). As you might know, this is not very healthy. The latex glues and the Vario Clean exhibit a very strong adhesion effect. This is generally a positive property, but you must be careful when using these table tennis glues because it is hard to remove the rubbers from an unsealed blade. Maybe you will even damage the blade.

Or concrete recommendation:

The following products are suitable for fine-pored table tennis rubbers:

  • Donic Vario Clean (Relatively strong adhesion. Hence, the blade needs to be sealed first!)
  • Joola Zoom - Unfortunately only available in a large container.
The following products are suitable to glue large-pored ping-pong rubbers:

Other table tennis accessories: Towels / sweatbands against sweating

There is nothing more annoying than a drop of sweat that hits your bat during the game. If you hit the ball at this spot, a loss is highly likely.

Drying your TT paddle regularly is, hence, essential for table tennis players. In official competitions, official rules state that you can have a brief break to dry your bat (using e.g. a towel) every 6 points. Many players, especially in higher leagues, use this rule. The towel, as one of many ping pong accessories, is often underestimated, although it is needed quite often.

In case you sweat a lot at your head region (which is, by the way, very likely since there is a high density of eccrine sweat glands exhibiting a huge sweat flux), you should consider to get yourself a sweat band. This allows you to concentrate and focus on playing good table tennis (so you are not distracted by drying your head, and bat)!

Although TT-Shop.com is not specialized in towels, we always have a certain range of products in stock. As already mentioned, particularly during competitions, the towel is a decisive factor since it also opens possibilities (and time!) to think of new tactical solutions.

Our selection in terms of table tennis towels can be found following this link.

What other products belong to the category table tennis accessories?

For table tennis / ping pong, you need paddles, balls, a table, and at least 2 persons. The more professionally you play table tennis, the higher the demand on the table tennis equipment and accessories.

Jerseys, shirts, tracksuits, shoes, certificates, tables, even table tennis robots / ping pong machines belong into the category table tennis accessories. The bottom line is that the most important table tennis accessories are your own spirit, and the mentality of the player to say "yes, I want to play table tennis (professionally)"! The personal attitude that tells you that when using a run-of-the-mill bat, you cannot meet your own requirements. The conviction telling you that a normal shoe might not be the best choice for table tennis purposes, but, instead, a table tennis shoe which is specialized in this sport is (such as a Mizuno or Donic shoe).

The most important table tennis equipment was and will be the table tennis racket. For a detailed description and research, we recommend the following links:

Table tennis equipments and accessories are extremely versatile, however, we are convinced that it psychically/mentally and in terms of the game significantly improves your playing strength, and success.

In case you are missing products around the topic table tennis accessories, please visit our home-page at our TT Shop to further study and dig through.


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