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Butterfly Table Tennis Bats

Butterfly table tennis bats are one of the most popular table tennis bats worldwide. This is not only because the German top player Timo Boll has a sponsorship agreement with this brand, but also because Butterfly has considerably consolidated its position as a brand for recreational and hobby activities.

Butterfly Timo Boll table tennis bat - For recreation and hobby

Behind the product name Butterfly table tennis bat - Hobby are 3 selectable products. Depending on your gaming strengths and professionalism at the table when spending your leisure, you can adapt and individually choose the material being used.

Select one (or several) of the following 3 table tennis bats, especially designed for beginners!

Butterfly Timo Boll Bronze:
  • cheapest Butterfly table tennis racket
  • suitable to get familiar with the ball
  • flared handle (good and easy feeling)
  • rubbers are ITTF approved
Butterfly Timo Boll Silver:
  • Butterfly table tennis bat with "pure control"
  • allround bat for players who prefer a safe game
  • perfect for recreational games with forehand and backhand
  • anatomical handle
Butterfly Timo Boll Gold
  • Butterfly table tennis racket, overall rating: Gold
  • premium quality among hobby bats for beginners
  • good speed and spin characteristics considering its application (hobby & recreation)
  • flared handle, pleasant feeling when being in your hand
  • suitable for controlled attacking strokes, and a safe game

All of the above mentioned Butterfly table tennis bats are perfect for the recreational and hobby purpose. They are also equipped with ITTF-approved rubbers.

Butterfly Timo Boll table tennis rackets - Section hobby plus

Butterfly table tennis rackets - Hobby Plus - for this category, there is a choice between two bats: Timo Boll Platin or Timo Boll Black? Both table tennis rackets fulfill highest demands considering recreational and hobby activities. The differences are:

Butterfly Timo Boll Platin
  • Butterfly table tennis bat for advanced players
  • Pan Asia rubbers (1.8 mm) - very catchy, and good development of spin
  • complete racket with a balanced ratio between speed, spin, and control
  • for attackers with a clear but controlled forward orientation
  • anatomical handle

Butterfly Timo Boll Black
  • Butterfly table tennis racket for technically versed hobby players
  • Wakaba rubbers (2.0 mm) - extremely catchy, and faster than the Pan Asia rubbers from the Timo Boll Platin
  • suitable for the deepening and consolidation of various techniques, recommended for club use
  • flared handle

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